Any news on Free Rotation?


Who are we getting on the free rotation? Also I know it’s gonna be Friday, but what time?


It’s confirmed that Elder Kraken is the next monster, but as far as I know, the hunter’s being made free aren’t known yet, nor is the time. It’ll PROBABLY be at 12 PM, PST, but don’t quote me on that.


i thought it was 9 or 11 pst. Hmm @Shaners


I’m just ASSUMING it’s 12 PM PST. That just seems like the most reasonable time. That’s why I said “probably”.


i said 9 am because eastern its exactly noon, makes sense…


Why would they go off Eastern time? They live in PST.


I know, but its nice even time for the easterners


10 AM PST! :slight_smile:



Da mean end of day for Europeans :scream:


We guess every hour except 10 lol


You sure did. :wink:


hahah nice job on stream, was that the special thing you said?


Oh! I don’t know!

What was the special thing I said? haha


“Miley is twerking Queen MLG, everyone gets a free Miley unlocked.”


Oh yea.

There was that.



So much mystery on the forums, can’t tell if its good or bad