Any news about the game? :D


So any news about the game that you guys chould share to us?

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I’d say to keep your eye on PAX East happening in two weeks :wink:


Soon.jpg :markov:


I’m very exited ^^
sad i cant go to PAX East :confused:
But i can watch other people play the game if they posting video footage of the game :smiley:


I pre ordered the game a couple a days ago so as soon as it comes out im getting it.


I also preordered the game day 1 when they opened the preorder to ps4 and pc XD


first time ive seen this little short piece of video i thought if anyone i interested look at this ive put it so the new piece of video is coming in a 1/2 secs


i smell April Fools joke from a long distance XD


Actually no XD was uploaded 2 days ago :smiley:


the i smelled someone else in the world.
btw i had a April Fool joke that was about some new Evolve footage of an enitre match and post a youtube link that will show you a video about a guy yelling APRIL FOOLS… XP


lolled XD link here :smiley: ?


emm… i cant find the link XP
but if i find it i can link it down here, unless you find it :smiley:


Happy Throwback, Thursday! :lazarus_cute:


Why, man… :sob:


You guys better cut it out xD