Any New Upcoming Patch Notes?


Wow the wild life looks much more deadly then the monster now, I hope this does not make it real hard for the monster and hunters when released.


game title should be called…evolve…when monster and hunter team up against wildlife

wildlife OP as fukballz what are they thinking …such stupid much wow


Wild life is destroying shear and the monster was just trying to save it this whole time trying to eat them and evolve but the hunters stopped him


Ohh it’s only elite wild life effected that’s fair it’s not the end of the world


this is um wow patch


I definitely agree with Maddcow. Especially with the huge damage buff that the Gas Grenade got. Removing the slowdown entirely is not the way to go. Maybe reducing it… Now you can simply throw it at team-mates being focused without problem and the Monster can’t do shit about it besides moving out of the area. Reminds me of Torvald’s stupid Mortar spam. Markov’s mines are a good example of what Assaults should have in terms of area-denial. It can be avoided, and cleared by a skilled monster.

What’s with increasing Sunny’s Mininuke detonation? I landed many direct-hits on mid-air Kraken even before they made a small hotfix to increase it’s detonation… people just honestly need to get better. All these increased “detonations” are going to get in the way of trying to hit things when something you don’t want to hit gets in the way of what you do want to hit.

Also looking for that Val buff but it looks like she’s still not getting it. 50% increased healing from Heal Burst? Please… that’s an incredibly bad joke. I hope the final patch notes will actually buff Val more so she can out-heal S1 Monster DPS.

Also, lol at the minor attempt to wild-life buffs. It’s like we didn’t get through to them in that the buffs were game-breaking. +25% is pretty big for a Kraken.


Waiting for the dune beetle buff, expect them to have 50% speed increase.


SHHHHH! You trying to get us all killed. (Dune beetle screech) @_@ oh no
Que Benny hill chase music

Edit: it’s funny how often the wildlife makes us feel dread rather then the far more powerful monster.


Meanwhile the mammoth birds are watching from the windows… soon


GAs grenades had the slow from when you could spam 3 of them out at once, and there needed to be a reason not to use them like that, now that they are limited the slow is unnecessary, you are already forced to think before you throw. Isn’t forcing the monster to leave team members alone one of the assault’s jobs.

The buffs are really strong, and are supposed to be, the most powerful ones are being reduced, but should still be super strong in the end, especially now that getting them is more time and energy consuming than before.

The perks being rebalanced is going to be helpful, I can’t wait for my supped up jump height perk.


It’s for the Albino Mammoth Bird… Not all Mammoth Birds…


I have recorded footage of 2 mammoth birds taking down a tyrent. Now elite can solo tyrents… i cant wait for the elite wildlife op thread


Considering how hunter favoured the game is ATM I would be surprised if these are factual changes. If so good luck playing against AI monsters all the time because no one will be using them under those changes.


May Daisy have mercy on our souls if it were…


Console players are restricted to controllers. From what I gather it’s hard for them to shoot airborne targets.

Unless I am mistaken.


Hyde change is an attempt to carve out his strengths more and thus getting him picked more often. The removal of the slow effect will change the flow of battle if Hyde is on the field.


Spam…with more than a 10 second cool down?


I play on Xbox, I have no problem landing direct hits with sunny or anyone else


Then I am mistaken. :slight_smile:

Pardon my blasphemy and I entreat you not to sacrifice me to Bill Gates.


You are always forgiven… :smirk:

I was just stating that it isn’t overly difficult to shoot accurate on a console. Lol