Any New Upcoming Patch Notes?


I’ve seen a few threads saying this an that is being nerfed, is there new patch notes someone can direct me to?


One sec, I’ll track it down. Give me five minutes to trawl through that 6k post thread…


Alright, here we are. :slight_smile: I believe these are due for next week?


I’d recommend hitting the arrow pointing right on the quote box and following it back to MacMan’s original post, much easier to read.


Yeah, we all look forward to the Albino Mammoth Bird now. ^.^








in b4 they fuck the code up and mammoth birds are 1 shotting ppl with 70% more dmg


Also remember those notes are a bit old now so values may have changed during their playtesting


…Oh sweet mother of god.


So happy… these balances will help.


The monster health regen was crazy before. In one match I went from almost being killed as Behemoth to reaching stage 3 grabbing the regen and avoiding damage while I healed up for an easy win. That needed reducing.

These all look like good changes. Jetpack boost one definitely.


So so so so so disagree with Hyde’s Toxic Grenade buff.


It’ll hurt behemoth a lot, but otherwise at first glance it doesn’t seem unreasonable. Your thoughts?


Now Hyde can spam toxic grenades, now the whole are could be toxic to the monster, bad idea.
Blitz leopard increased speed… Well we’re dead. Thoses things could be hard to hit as is.


Their decision to have it slow movement was to have people think about using the grenade tactically. This just makes it super spammy. There was no reason to change it outside of people that were terrible with it. High level teams were able to use it without an issue. Even ‘decent’ players can use it effectively without having their team slow down. The idea that they intended to have it require thought as to use it or not being replaced irks me.


They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This buff doesn’t balance anything that was unbalanced, it adds more functionality to the toxic grenade. I’m wondering now if Hyde’s damage will be too much now that you can chuck grenades on teammates being focussed. Teammates can get away as you inflict AoE, like with Markov’s mines. Markov in comparison has the tradeoff of doing less damage with his other weapons compared to Hyde, but then again he has more range. I like the flexibility this gives to the grenades but the extra potential damage is debatable.


You can’t claim to be “super spammy” on something with a considerable high cooldown like the toxic grenades. But yeah, I’m also not a fan of this change.


Maybe it was super spammy before the previous toxic grenade change. But now the cooldown has increased so I don’t think there is a huge problem with it.


They need to fhange the elite wildlife again. |: buff them with their own perks