Any new monster ideas?

I’m interested to know what your guys ideas on new monsters are? Be sure to include your abilities and traversal. I kinda want a burrowing monster

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I just want a monster with claws. I would love to pinch down trees like Scorpid could.

thanks a million

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Behemoth already kinda has claws

That was for all Monsters back in the day when the game had a certain kind of destruction physics. It’s completely different now making that impossible.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but there are 100s of monster ideas threads :smile:

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He’s got fat hands with stubs for fingers.

Even if the monster would swing or thrust his claws I would be satisfied. Even if chopping down trees serves no purpose, I’d do it.

What @Mr_Zivkovic said, those threads are full with awesome ideas, check them out! :smiley: