Any new changes?


I’ve been away from the game for almost three months now playing other things, I reinstalled the game last night and went into it today…and it doesn’t look like there’s ANYTHING new. No new adaptations of Hunters or Monsters, nothing at all. Is TRS done making new content for this game?


No, confirmed new content on the way. Just takes more than 3 months to make new characters and fix balance and add new characters. HUGE update coming over Summer, hopefully someone can link the thread, I’m on mobile and don’t think you can do it on mobile.


Do you know what the title of the thread is? I’ll search for it.


Browse around the forums-

The TLDR is no, theyre very, VERY far from making new content.

We havent had a major patch because theyre in the works of finishing off TU9. This ia HUGE title update that is literally re imagining the game from the ground up. Overhauls to hunters, monsters, meta, EXTENSIVE map overhauls, and DRASTIC mechanical changes (By drastic I mean 3 of the 4 hunter class abilities are different, Dome is a global hunter mechanic no longer limited to the trapper, the dropship timer has a whole new set of mechanics, etc).

TRS has been working on this patch for about half a year- Every patch weve gotten in the middle of that, has literally been just a “band ade” to adjust balance until this patch could come out. As such, every patch has largely been just “Efforts away from this REAL patch, to hold the community over”. Theyre ALMOST done with TU9, which is slated to come out next month- So theyve pulled off efforts from the bandage patches, to push tu9 as hard as they can.

They also have a handfull of completed adaptations, but these have to be released with a title update- Soooo… well probably see this trickle out with TU9. Probably not all right away, its been shown to be bad in the past to release a bunch of new characters immediately- but we will start to see them.

When in doubt- at the top of the site, use “DEV TRACKER”. The info is spread over a couple of threads though-



Yeah, major major TU9 coming soon. All of the class abilities are changing, every hunter is getting the dome, major balance changes, changes to match making, E-Griffin, C-Bucket, Q-Caira, MAJOR map changes… It’s gonna be crazy, and HOPEFULLY amazing.


Everything we know so far about the updates coming soon to the game


What are these?

And I just read some of the threads you guys linked for me…and wow, it seems like this is not something I’m going to like. It sounds like Hunters are being even further weakened and Monsters are being given more advantages.


O RLY ? it stil isn’t out myahahhhhhhhhh by the time man Ill be busy with my lando in cloud city


Hunters are going to be stonger in various ways. All hunters will have health regen from the get go along with much faster respawn that slowly rises from immediate to the current two minutes as a result of hunter incap/death and the monster evolving. Along with that, the hunters will have much more incap health as well as incap pistols strong enough to make it a fairly bad idea to camp an incaped player.

Edit: i forgot to mention that all hunters get the dome and the trapper gets a radar pulse thingy that also gives the trapper a temporary speed boost.


Future adaptations, they’ve started the second tier of Hunters and have teased those names.

I wouldn’t make any snap decisions because we still don’t know the full picture yet, there is still things they’re teasing. So while some of the changes seem like they’ll favor one side or another, remember it seems that way because we only know how Evolve is played now. These changes will be for a completely revamped version of the game and may be perfectly balanced for all we know.


I’m just going by what I’ve seen as a day one player. I feel the game started off slightly too Hunter-favored when it launched, then became balanced, but since then has gone insanely Monster-biased to the point where winning as the Hunters is virtually impossible against any decent Monster.


I see that opinion of the current biuld varies quite a bit from person to person.

I myself have been enjoying the current build alot as it has supplied me with some of the most intense matches ive had since launch as both hunter and monster.
Alot of the matches I’ve had recently always end up as really close one’s.


Every monster main on this forum is going to tell you that this opinion is horribly wrong. All monster mains think its hunter favored.
(i myself am a hunter main soo…)


It’s a matter of opinion. I find the game INSANELY Monster-biased. I also find that most players who complain the game is Hunter-biased ONLY play Hunt, which to me renders their opinion invalid.


Gross…i never play ranked anymore, never get decent randoms. Just mastery chase in QP ever more.


Great changes and things are coming…soon



While we have monster mains and hunter mains there are also people who main both like myself. There are imbalances for both sides and neither side has it better than the other. We might all disagree on why that is but at this point there isn’t much left to discuss, especially since the summer update is only about a month away.