Any new 4v1 games at E3 2015?


Has there been any 4v1 games announced to be shown at E3 this year? Or do you think any will be revealed.


when is e3? most ppl dont announce anything until the show starts.

oh uhh the other 4v1 shadow something is canceled.

fable legends is either out or out soon and is xbox only and free to play i believe.


Think E3 is in June and damn well i hope they announce at least one at E3


So now 4v1 is a thing, there’s actually other games?

Fable Legends is free to play and for PC too. I don’t think can be compared to Evolve in gameplay, this is the reason why the whole “4v1” tag doesn’t sound good to me.


Actually i just remembered there is a Friday the 13th game 4v1 coming out in October


It’s on steam.
It looks… horrifying…


Fable Legends?


Fable legends is free? I love free stuff.


Yeah, it’s free and not pay to win, so it should be really fun :slight_smile:


OH YEAH. what happened to that game. the 4v1 thriller where 1 person is a serial killer and the others are in the house with them and they have to figure out who the killer is and stop them. that game looked fun!


Is that slasher vol 1? It’s similar to the Friday the 13th game that is coming out


I honestly do not remember the name. I just no of evolve, fable legends, and I think it was called shadowfall or something. it was an rpg dungeon raid with 1 dungeon master. sorta what fable legends was doing but more adult.

then this scary game. dunno the name tho.


Ya know, the game Damned is 4v1. Except it’s more of an occult horror instead of a monster police action chase.

It features 4 survivors (with no weapons, armed with only flashlights) that have to find keys to escape a haunted mansion.

The monsters are a bit unique and frightening as well.
You have the “Witch” style ghost girl, who teleports around the map and can only “shuffle” until the player actually see’s a person, and then he can sprint off to try and kill someone. Turning off your light can help avoid being seen… but then… who knows where you are, and what you’re doing o.O

They have an Eidelon: Which actually plays the game in an entirely separate viewing mode. It has no eyes, and exists in another dimension. However: It CAN see noise… so when it starts following players, you start to hear ambient haunting noises that makes players uneasy… then if it can pin down where they are, it shifts into reality to do some damage.

Another fun and horrifying thing about the game is that other players and monsters actually block your movement.