Any mobile forum plans in the works?


I like to browse the forums but they’re a pain to navigate on my tablet, slowing to a crawl at times. Are there any mobile friendly solutions that I can do to help improve performance? Or, better yet, is there a mobile version of the forums being worked on?


We’ll get in touch with the Discourse fellows on this one through the moderator boards. :smile:

Would you like me to move this to the forum bugs section? Although not technically a bug but it’s something that can be worked on!


Yeah that’d be fine!


I wish I could use them on my tablet.

Something about it being an iPad 1 doesn’t agree with them


I use my phone or an iPad 2 when I want to access to the forums when I’m out, and it works fine most of the time. Although it can be a bit slow loading up at times.


You may be suffering a problem where the browser on older devices may have a javascript incompatibility with more modern javascript-heavy websites. I can’t remember if the original iPad had that problem, I know my old iPod Touch had it though. Can you load any google apps (eg gmail, gcal) in your browser? If this is the case, it’s really not TRS or Discourse’s fault, just the fault of the short lifecycle of current webtech…


I wanted creating site-app kind of thing for the forums, but got problems with reply button not showing up and taking whole space of the keyboard.

My experience is by far fine, however there are some accident presses which I did not want to happen, but simply can’t miss.


pffft Tablets? please! they are sh*t…

sent from my IPad.


ha ha I’m only joking, all i have is my trusty IPad-
i wouldn’t survive Uni if i didn’t have it, i agree it gets quite frustrating navigating the forum sometimes;
i would love to see a dedicated Evolve App.


Hi, just registered to reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Discourse comes with a mobile view and it should be picked up automatically. If not, check the Mobile View link on the upper right corner menu next to your avatar.


Yeah, half the time I’m on here it’s from my phone at work. (Shhh don’t tell anyone), and I works fine for me.


Nice, this is just what I was looking for. This runs a lot better, thanks!