Any link to a replay of the last Evolve stream


I missed it and i cant find it on twitch plz help.


I’m not sure it exists anymore, to be honest.


Cuase i heared big lore and abilities were shown


2K removed the streaming because the logo of something I ignore the existence wasn’t on the video, and it happened after the team got kicked out. So the streaming is no more…until someone did a record or a download of the streaming before its removal, but I would be surprised if someone did it.


I have a lot of the old videos saved locally.

My HDD’s and backups, and all in Storage atm so I cant check for you sorry… 2 TB of Evolve videos… :frowning:


Did @xDaRkNeZzChAoSX somehow get it?


I found it last time, lets see if i can find it again.



internet research Queen!

@TRS you cant hide it from me… muhahahahahaha :rofl:

If anyone can not see this, I can grab the video and post it up for everyone.


Kathryn…you just saved a part of Turtle Rock’s history.
It could have been long forgotten if you didn’t upload it.


I am currently archiving it. I will have my own copy of it so we never lose it again.


@Kathryn_James ftmfw!



its a modified… FTW “for the win”


Never knew ftw meaned that.
Anyway, we’re going a bit off-topic…right?


Hey, hes just excited… I am currently uploading the video to my youtube channel for easier access. I also have a hard copy saved now too… So next time this comes up (prob in 6 months) we will have fast access to it.



Thanks you for finding / saving this.

I was getting worried everyone expected someone else to save it…and then no-one did…going to have to re-watch this at some point.


No worries, the internet has been my playground since before its inception… I can usually find what someone needs… ^.^ I appreciate the thank you’s!


‘‘You know the rules, man. Don’t ask the scrounger where he gets his shit’’


^.^ my uncles name is Red… lol


I cannot thank you enough for saving this. I had a version of it, but I didn’t realize until today that mine was super broken. The middle hour of footage was completely missing. I saved a copy from the archive because I had to work when it was live.

I listened to this whole doing my computer work today and my mind is blown. That was even more amazing than I thought.