Any Kraken Tips?


So…im ashamed to admit im a good monster but i just lost like 6 matches as kraken. In turn i tried to throw a few matches as laz. So any help with kraken because i wanna get better now that i got screwed over by hunters


He’s probably one of the most unique monsters. Once you get the flying down, it will just click with you. You gota have dead accurate aim with a few of his abilities, but once you get the hang of him his crowd control is crazy. Try and hit them when they least expect it, pushing people where you want them with vortex. I love saving vortex for medics, say your wailing on trapper with banshee mines (which are super effective if you space them out) and Val starts hearing from up high, knock her off her cliff with a vortex. Try and ensue chaos as kraken, blasting everybody so nobody can do their jobs.


i was having a hard time not getting constantly tracked


That’s because Kraken is sooooo slow on ground. You’ve gota really drag out his traversals, if you’re dashing away from them try and launch yourself from up high and stay airborne. Lots of people don’t sneak as kraken, since he’s one of the smallest monsters though I love sneaking as him. And if you can manage to get halfway through a hunters health with a sneak attack, you’ll be in a perfect position to then blast them with vortex and lightning. If Laz gives you issues, you can literally body camp while airborne and far from the body, it just takes practice. But using your airborne normal attack, you can keep a person from being revived pretty easy, the aim just takes a bit to get good at. But it can be a pain for Laz, or anybody, when they’re trying to get that revive but your 50 meters away, pelting them with range attacks. Being at range gives you a good view of the battlefield too, letting you choose your targets and where you want to fight.


I was sneaking soooo much that team just caught me like every other minute


That’s why a lot of peeps find Kraken hard, myself included. His traversal doesn’t give you the burst of speed that the others’ do. A lot of players tend to rely on that burst for dome evasion and juking/outrunning hunters. Hence why you find escaping tracking tools hard.

All I can say is to try and get used to the lack of burst speed. Account for it, bear it in mind, and practice. Good luck.


Wraith and Behemoth are my main im almost elite on behemoth


Behemoth is so fun. Midnight is right though, Krakens traversal isn’t bursty at all, it’s slow but can be drawn out. And while he’s flying, he can turn back and vortex the hunters off cliffs, wasting their jet pack, or leave banshee mines in dangerous areas (if you haven’t been leaving them on ceilings, you gota try this, so much fun they never see it coming.) and always trying to capitilize on them being unaware. you can hit them with attacks from so far away, precisely, and people forget this sometimes. I always tell my girlfriend when she’s medic to try and keep the team at full health constantly. When I’m monster if I see the support just lost half his health to a sloth, I’m all over it. And with Kraken it’s easy to nail them with range abilities while they are unaware.