Any ideas on how Evolve's third Leviathan monster will look like?


On the Evolve wiki it is said that the third monster is called the Leviathan, a creature from the bible. It says the Leviathan relies on stealth, something we’ve been waiting for. I spoke to one of the devs about the Leviathan --He replied with “Who’s Leviathan? ;)”-- and he told me that the third monster is green and a giant cupcake with arms and legs. I took this as a joke of course but this just made me think a bit… Why would he say a cupcake? Was he just hungry or does this monster have the form of a cupcake? Any thoughts would be appreciated unless they are off-topic. The bible states that the Leviathan is a sea creature hence confusing me because of the Kraken. Leviathan ideas / concept art?


The wiki is full of misinformation, alot of misinformation about the third monster to be precise.
First third monster in wiki was scorpox, then its leviathan, lol.


Scopid is now Goliath. Grounder is now Kraken. Skorpox in now Leviathan? I never liked the old names…


No, third monster is not Leviathan, the wiki page can be edited by anyone so its just a troll. And about the cupcake, its back in the beginning of evolve that when the monster died it turned into a cupcake. Atleast thats what i heard.


Maybe it is linked to a LoL (Lulu’s Bittersweet skin can transform an enemy in to a cupcake) so the next monster might be some badass Pix. #SherlockCr0cDoc


It’s probably a perk, like CoD’s Last Stand perk.


Yep, people just edit in rubbish on the wiki that misinforms people.
I’m just going to close this thread since your query was solved.