Any ideas if we can request 2K to make Evolve Legacy free for all?


Stage 2 servers down, you can’t buy anything from the steam store, it just shows Stage 2. do you think we should write to them or make a petition? on legacy we can host ourselves right?

edit: stage 2 was f2p, so legacy should be free too, without the need of servers


It doesn’t really matter at this point in time.


it still matters to me. i can invite my friends to play on it.


2K don’t care


i still believe in trying, so im going to write a draft and post here and see if the community has any recommendation on my wording. but i need a lead, i dont even know who/where to email. cuz … steam servers are the one uploading the content, i dont think theyre paying for those servers unless someone here knows that. what they got to lose


I mean you can certainly ask? The worst they can say is “no”.


I believe that you can ask 2K tho i’m sure 99.9% 2K will say no.You best bet is to look for any site that still have Evolve legacy key.Or you can go the other private way *cough cough