Any ideas for Tier 5 monster traversal?

I agree, it’s so skinny, I think it will be very fast and it may have the same health as Wraith

probably has less health depending on the abilities


I think it may get some sort of wall climbing passive. Maybe it would be able to run horizontally along the normally unclimbable walls. I think webbing may take a role in it’s traversal even if it isn’t straight up a straight up spiderman type traversal.


either a scurry/sprint type ability thats used like behemoths or a grapple type traversal I think

If it does it’ll need to be fast.

Also, I hope its movement, abilities and everything about it is all about the mind games and keeping the Hunters on their toes as well as scaring the hell out of 'em and tearing them apart one after the other. Like a creepy creepy Wraith.

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Gonna be awkward for this if it’s a grappling/web-slinging thing

Trust me, I’m on the edge of my seat for this T5 monster. I really would NOT be surprised to see a lot of ideas shared but we’ll have to wait and see.

If parts of your build ended up being in the t5 would you hold votes to redesign the monster?

I think we would re-evaluate based on the information from T5, and looking at our second place voted on abilities, then decide if we need a re-vote.

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Some suggestions on traversals:

  • Pulls itself using some sort of web.
  • A dash/skitter of sorts as it looks like it’s on all 4 when it moves.
  • Has a ‘jump’ like move but it has to bounce of a vertical surface. So you aim at a wall and leap off of it. However this is least likely since it requires specific areas to engage. Open areas would fail.

I feel like you’re leading Us Off the trail. I’m watching you Maddcow


its a grasshopper duh so hop

So if I told you that she actually burrows underneath the ground in a tunneling move would you believe or disbelieve it? :smiley:

I am hesitant to believe anything although web slinging, scurrying, and burrowing sound cool.

Indubitably :smiley:

I can’t think of what else it could be. Hmmm. Maybe you truthfully told ys

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To be fair, I don’t know if it’s female or not. It just seems a bit more lithe and feminine than masculine and in our faulty attempt to label everything as humans, my brain inserted she instead of he/it.


Digging, dashing, or pouncing would be my guess…

We can’t even trust you man. Maybe pure lying. Maybe you’re not. Boo you Maddcow. BOO ON YOU.

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