Any idea how old some of the hunters are?


I was just wondering if any one had any idea how old the hunters are? I mean Cabot is in his 40’s I would guess, So how old does Griffin seem? I know Caira is the youngest looking in her 20’s, but for the rest would we guess just 30’s?


I asked Matthew this once in a PM. He had this to say…


Oh cool! I would not have guessed Cabot to be 50. I mean I wonder what Griffins age is. I mean he seems to me like he has 10 years on Cabot.


Remember that Cabot was retired and he came out of retirement to take the Shear job. That makes him older for certain.


I wonder how old bucket is


Griffin’s probably in his 70s. The three I’m really curious about are Laz, Bucket, and Daisy.


Yeah I knew he was retired he just looked mid to late 40’s to me. I mean it makes more sense that he is 50 if he came out of retirement.


Hes fairly muscular so I doubt 70s…or its very unlikely. I know there are some muscular 70 year olds, but they are an exception. Late 50s most likely.


Yeah I could see early 60s. 70s seems a little to old not saying he couldn’t be it just seems a little to old in my mind.


Laz could be over 100 Just keep bringing himself back to life


Laz is probably 10 years older than Hyde. The Lazarus device didn’t go into production until the mutagen wars,something Hyde was also apart of.


He can’t revivify himself.