Any hints as to whats coming in the next patch?


Just wondering if there are any hints as to what we may see in the upcoming patch/micro patch. I know kraken is being looked into and honestly I hope his fixes come soon because its getting frustrating fighting him so much lately since he is very difficult to snare.


The Devs say “soon”, and most likely very soon. I doubt it’s too far off, but we (players/community) don’t have an exact date to my knowledge.


Im not asking WHEN the patch is. Im asking WHAT is going to be in the patch. I know the devs drop hints here and there about what may be in the next patch but they are all over this forum.


It depends, they often answer your question in specifics. Like the next patch, Torvald will no longer be able to rain mortars on top of himself. This comes from MacMan in the Telemetry and Game Balance thread. Mostly you have to ask for specifics, or you won’t know. Mostly NDA, and surprise I guess.


Let’s see: (don’t hold me onto this)


-Cooldown reduction perk now affects personal abilities (Orbital barrage, personal cloak, acceleration field etc)

-Val heal burst now heals herself more

-Possible changes to Slim’s healing.

-Torvald can no longer fire the mortar at his feet by looking straight up

-Parnell’s rocket launcher will be more accurate while moving/jetpacking


-Kraken will now propely be affected by CC

-Kraken now moves slower when casting lighting strike or aftershock (this was the case before 2.0)

-Added a 1 second actvation time on Banshee Mines, so they no longer instantly explode when they are directly thrown at a hunter

-Further possible behemoth changes?

-Wildlife elite buffs will be toned down

That’s all I know out of the top of my head. Some wishful thinking in this list as well, so take it with a grain of salt.


The telemetry thread is always full of next patch tidbits.


I haven’t been following Parnell closely, but I think I recall his rocket launcher accuracy while jumping having been buffed before in the last patch? It would be interesting if it is being adjusted again. Is it an accuracy or precision issue?


They have been, but I don’t play Parnell enough to really notice any difference. A friend of mine who plays Parnell exclusively said he didn’t notice any difference.