Any help for a new monster player?



Hi, I’m a new evolve player and I want to play Monster. Any tips? Such as, a strong monster, good combos for that monster, how to deal with the global tracker, and how to be stealthy.

Any help is appreciated! :smile:


One of the forum Mods, @MaddCow, has started coaching up again!
And he’s a fantastic Monster player if I do say so myself.


Thanks! I will be looking into it. :slight_smile:


I believe he’s streaming right now on Twitch, too


Awww thanks Skill :slight_smile: But ya, Feel free to hop by and ask questions whenever. I usually do my best to answer everyones as they go and I do specifically coaching with the community on Saturdays. This upcoming saturday we’re gong to the zoo but after it will be consistent every week :slight_smile:


My general tips would be:

  1. Don’t quit, chances are the first couple times you’re going to get slaughtered by the hunters. But even losing is good practice!
  2. Speaking of practice, playing against bots isn’t every really bad when you’re trying to learn combos, timing, range of abilities, etc.
  3. Start off with Goliath, he’s an all-around monster with good mobility, decent burst damage, and survivalbility. I personally start off with one point in charge, two in leap smash, and one in fire breath. That gives you some abilities you can use to create some distance from the hunters, with fire breath as a great tool for feeding.
  4. Don’t quit
  5. After getting the hang of Goliath try every monster, find one that you like and fits your play style.

My one disclaimer to all of this is I only 50 hours of gameplay so listen to other players.

Overall, I wish you good luck! Happy hunting!


I’ve got over 1500 hours logged into Evolve with about 90% of that time playing monster. Here is some advice with the current rule set:

-Try to avoid fights during Stage 1, feed and avoid boxing yourself into a corner on your feeding routes. That means don’t go to the edge of a wall with only one way out of an area.
-Constantly smell. Make it a habit. Always be smelling. This lets you know where the hunters are at and if any are out of position and separated from teammates.
-Once you get to stage 2 you want to start a couple of fights, but don’t go for a team wipe even if you are winning. The drop ship timer is too fast for you to wipe them all out, get a few downs then leave; preferably while you still have armor. The object is to wear down the hunter team. When you get downs on them their maximum health lowers making it easier to get them a 2nd and 3rd time. So during a dome try to get a down, then leave, don’t stay and fight until you die.
-In a dome use terrain to your advantage. The hunters will come to you, they pretty much have to. Use corners, pillars, cliffs so you can hit some hunters while not being shot at by the other 3. Isolating and killing hunters is how you win.


When I was learning to play Monster my best friend ironically, was the Trapper. A good trapper knows how a monster player thinks, and a good monster player knows how to juke out his greatest foe, even past the nose of Daisy. I suggest if you are ever tilted or get tired of playing monster for a time, go on the hunter’s team and play Trapper, learn the signs monsters make like destroyed flora or eaten wildlife. Learn how each Trapper tracks and sedates the monster when found. It also gives you a chance to see the hunt from a different perspective, keep track of the differences between a novice monster and a “pro” monster, learn the locations of common feeding areas that you may not think about as the monster constantly sniffing and watching your back. In my experience, if you can beat the enemy Trapper, there is a great chance you can win the game.


Correction: losing is best practice


This is literally the best you can do. Like this you dont just have the advantage of a 3rd Person view, but you can also see through walls. Another good tip is too avoid Birds. This also gets easier through smelling since they will be outlined in orange.
And another tip: Dont sneak too much. I know there are some Monster players out there that just sneak all the time to confuse the Hunters and it may work for some, but I think getting a wide distance is alot better than leaving no marks behind, especially with the new Planet Scanner.
You should sneak when the Hunters are nearby or comming in your direction. sneak behind a rock and keep smelling, that way you’ll know where to go.


Hey MaddCow! I was watching your stream yesterday and it really helped me alot thanks!:heart_eyes:


Best advice I can give is to:

Learn when to engage and when to disengage.

Try to keep in mind how much jetpack the hunter may have.

Memorize EVERY single part of the maps so then you can use them to sneak away or gain distance from the hunters.


No worries my friend. Feel free to hit me up when I stream anytime :slight_smile:


Tip 1): try to learn the maps, each spots, best ways to move fast and eat fast
Tip 2) use your abilities on wildlife, makes eating WAY more faster and efficient
tip 3) learn how each hunter plays against you, learn how they move according to you and their team, most of the time you ll be focusing assault last
Tip 4) don t give up :slight_smile:

  1. Remember, the hunter will be coming to you. Make them do battle at a place where you want the fight to happen.
  2. Don’t give in, there are times where it looks like the end of me but i triumphant with 2 health bars remaining. Fight with the determination of a cornered beast.
  3. Eat special animals. Sometimes to aid you in battle, others to deny hunters their buff.
  4. Eventually you will meet your match but what don’t kill you will only makes you stronger :slight_smile:
  5. Pioritise downing over actually killing a hunter. Unless it’s ol lazarus, there be enough time for you to put a nail in their coffin later on.


Tbh you just have to feel out each monster and see which ones you like and don’t like. Like my top 3 favs are Goliath, Gorgon, and Behemoth but I hate Wraith and Kraken. It depends on the player. In other words, which monster(s) are you? >:3