Any guitar players out there?


Title is pretty self explanatory :grinning:

Just figured I’d reach out to see if there were any musicians in the Evolve community.

I’ve been playing electric for about 7 years now, huge Guns N Roses fan and my current project is trying to figure out Megadeath’s “Tornado of Souls”, anyone else learning anything / a secret shredding badass?


I do :smile: I’ve been playing for 12 years now, pick up a book called the guitar grimoir, it teaches all the scales and modes etc… From there practice sweep picking these scales until you get the hang of it… Lots of practice and warming up does the trick


I have been playing for about 10 years now, hard to believe its been that long. I wanted it to try to play professionally but you know how your priorities change after getting married and money suddenly becomes important. So now its just a hobby. I’m a major Metallica fan though. I love trying to pick apart and learn their songs.


We have a guitar, but I never found myself interested in learning it. ^.^


I play guitar and bass guitar, play the bass a bit more though, just feels more fun. big 70s and 80s fan, always thought of bringing it back one day.


Well, yeah, I do play it sometimes. Guess it kinda came with me being a general musician. I stick to my saxophone most of the time though. :stuck_out_tongue: