Any Good players on xbox?


I just recently got an xbox and got evolve on it, and I have yet to find a game on hunt. I wanna play against good players. Dont know if anyone still remembers me but used to play esl on ps4 and i was like 30 something and 6 and i just wanna play tough games again. Also dont merge this in a lfg post


Checking the twitch streams is probably a good place to start. I think xbcxkirito is xbox and plays with some decent players.


Ill look him up, thanks brotha


Calling it now, I’m the best Gorgon you’ll fight on XBox.


Calling it now…
I’m the best player ever on Xbox.

Smothers self in ego

Tho I don’t play too often on Console but I’m not entirely against playing on it when I have the time.


Seconding this. Also check out Deathin521 (I can’t remember the numbers now). At peak times (from evening Europe time through to evening West Coast time), there’s usually a few teams hanging out. Many are in customs though.

You’re welcome to add me, I play pretty often: I Pirie I (that’s an ‘i’ on either side of the name).

Fair warning though: if it’s been a long time since you’ve played, be prepared to get wrecked. The meta and players have evolved a lot over the years!


Misnomer, Gorgon’s too easy to play :wink:


Its only been like 7 months or so… Just played yesterday with some old tournament players on playstation and I still got it as monster. Look forward to playing with people though!


Guarantee you main Elder Kraken.


Anytime dude!


The salt! Yep, you’re definitely an xbox player :laughing:

I was kidding. Not that it matters, but I main medic and assault, my monster is Goliath. Unless your gamertag is different to your TRS username, I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of playing against your gorgon. Do you play customs or ranked?


I very rarely play anymore, but my gamer tag is Gamma Rapture. It also used to be Rapterror9. You may have seen me around.

I main Medic and Monster. For Medic I run Laz and Emet, and for Monster I run Behemoth and Gorgon.


I don’t like to play on xbox anymore but I am a ok monster(I’m very rusty on controller).


He really don’t play and crazycloud was best gorgon before OP pleb status :yum:


I’ve been beaten once as a Behemoth Main XD I honestly love playing Evolve but haven’t really played too much, I’d love to lose to a good set of hunters tho
Gamer tag is xLorDxKickButt (sorry for such an annoying name, made it back when I was 10)


Grimiocus haha on xb1. I Play occasionally.


Are you playing on pc now pirie?




Nah, I don’t have one really. There’s a possibility that I’ll be putting something together in the next few months, so if that happens I’d be very interested to jump on and try stage 2!


I’ll add you and give you a run for your money :smiling_imp: