Any games to kill time until Evolve?


Hey guys!
I am little bit bored waiting for Evolve to launch. So I wanted to ask you if you know about any good, in the best case free games that I could kill time with. Thanks for suggestions :smile:


beat all the levels without stopping time, and you can be as good as me :slight_smile:


Best thing is to keep watching for Steam Sales tbh.


Well I was looking for something like an MMO or Arena type you know? Planetside starts to be boring when I have no1 to play with :cry:


Guild Wars 2 is fantastic and has no monthly fee. It’s got a great combat system to it. End game lacks the carrot mentality so some people get bored without the ability to have to grind for gear in order to grind for gear etc…


You could try out Shadow of Mordor if you like killing Orks


You are lucky enough
I play planetside :slight_smile:


And what are you playing on good sir?


You mean what?
A server ?


I think he means PS4/PC


Oh ye :stuck_out_tongue:
Playin on pc x)


I have been playing Shadow of Mordor and Alien Isolation. Both are fun but the wait for Evolve is killing me.


Hummm… !


Ya, it’s pretty interesting. I’m excited for the Megaladon info.


I had three rounds or so with some friends, and to be honest, it REALLY needs some tweaking. Right now I prefer the regular mode.


Is it in favor of the Shark or Divers in that mode?


Everyone is fighting to become the Megalodon in that mode ( which I think is silly ). Basically, the more time flies, the stronger the divers’ weapons. So whoever is Megalodon first has a CLEAR advantage, since they can prey on weak-ass divers that have terrible beginner weapons. As soon as you kill the big shark, you become it-- until someone kills you, and on and on.

It’s unfair. I think whoever is megalodon should remain so until the end of the match, so that they can see the tables get turned, but as it is, … ergh. It’s not pleasant. It’s frustrating more than anything.


Blech, that sucks. I haven’t read up too much on this mode, just heard a little bit about it before release. So it’s like a King of the Hill but turning into the Shark?


Ayup. First person to reach 20K wins, and as expected, it’s easier to score when you’re the big shark-- especially at the start.


Sad panda. I was hoping for a little more variety :frowning: