Any gameplay videos where the monster wins\


Hi there.
As the topic title suggest I am wondering if there are any available videos where the monster wins?
Kind of depressing to watch video after video and it always ending up with the hunters winning with ease.
I see that internal playtesting has a balanced win rate, and it would be neat to see a more balanced perspective in the released videos too. So sorry if I am missing some obvious video but I must have watched at least 5 different videos with none of them having a monster win.


Watch the match between the devs, i think it was the q and a guys, it was an amazing match. The monster did lots of sneaking and at the end won like a champ, it really gave me hope for the monster. I’ll try to find the link somewhere, hold on


The dev match is at the beginning:


That would be awesome I’ve actually been waiting to see the monster win


Here are a few of the games from e3. One of them is a monster win, and the other came down to the wire. Pretty good stuff if you ask me! Most of the tournament can be replayed from Twitch, so I suggest watching those to see more action! Can’t wait to try it out for myself.


On Wednesday night the Kraken player won two matches in a row. Not sure where those are on Twitch, though.


Hey, I watched the games, thanks guys!

I had been looking on youtube primarily, and all of those games end with resounding hunter victories.
Watching the dev games really brought back a lot of my hype for this game, and showed that Lazarus can be beaten down if good tactics are applied.

I also was not aware of the penalty system, without that I had problems imagining how the monster would ever win.


Agh why is it only in HD. :frowning: My internet speed should be able to watch in HD but it’s Verizon so that actually means my internet is able to do absolutely nothing.

I sat around for 5 minutes and it loaded 1 minute.


Dev games? WHich ones?