Any gameplay footage from ESL One Frankfurt?


I dont know if the ESL in Frankfurt is currently happening or has happened last weekend. But I do know that there was some lovely Evolve to be played there!

Is there any gameplay footage from that event? :slight_smile:


2K will likely have coverage of the event to come out. They’ve done that for other events too


There you guys go again, knowing more than us.


Oi you, I’d figure YOU’D have footage by now! Come on, you’re our spy and supposed to find things these devs are even unawares of! :fist:


There’s a couple of low quality map concept arts I’ve found if that counts? It’s hard to tell specifically what two of them are but there’s one that’s very clear what it is and that’s got me very excited :smile:


How do you keep finding stuff? lol
Its like a magic trick… that bunny…from that hat… WHAT!!!