Any game recommendations


Yep they’re backwards compatible.


Ok I will be waiting for about a week or two before I decide on a game.


Also, would anyone say cod ww2 is in a good place? I want to play it with my friend.


Doesn’t this game have an extremely toxic community?


Not that I’ve noticed? I occasionally mute people on my team but it’s more likely that their mic is picking up their dog rather than them being a dick or they talk too much while I’m listening for sound cues


Almost every game has a toxic side to their community.


If you think about Dark souls series for RPGs, I cannot in good conscience recommend 1 or 2. As someone who was not a fan of 1, 3 is actually a fun game. It’s not nearly as frustrating as the first game, and it looks/plays better.

Oddly enough, 3 is the best introduction to the mechanics out of the whole series, and doesn’t punish nearly as hard. It’s the best of them for the average player, in my opinion.


Overwatch is one of the games with the most toxic community, and many of them have illogical reasons to ban you.


Does 3 spoil any of the previous entries? Like, is it its own story so you do not need to have played the previous entries to understand what is going on?


It is a pretty direct sequel to 1, but it doesn’t really spoil anything. You have to infer 90% of the lore, as with all the games. So if you don’t know what anything is already, nothing is spoiled.

I took the time to learn DS lore after played it, and it didn’t bother me any. I had a lot of “oh, NOW that weird thing makes sense” moments.

Without spoiling anything, the final boss fight only makes any sense if you’ve played 1. But it’s a cool boss fight regardless.


Well this might be something I’m getting for me birthday.

Except my mom hates my guts so probably not.


Titanfall 2 is good. 'nuff said.


RDR2 is also fun . Enjoying it.



A thread got revivified!


Is that a word?


You know the revivifier, don’t you?


Oh yeah Skyrim, I had wanted to get that game for a long time.