Any game recommendations


I can’t handle those games, and my mom definitely won’t let me get dead by daylight. I’ve seen titanfall 2 though. It looks kind of cool.


Seems like you like FPS games. Titanfall/Titanfall 2 are both great.


Yep, except I’m not particularly good.


So what’s the kind of game you like? RPG? FPS? Racing? Strategy? TPS? MMO? Platforming?





I’ve been playing Sea of Thieves for about 9 months now, and pretty much in all my non-work hours this last week since it officially launched.

It’s not like the games you’ve described liking, but it’s super fun.


Yeah my friend got it I might try it. It just doesn’t seem very action packed to me.


I like shooters and racing games, also mmo would be fine as well as rpg. Platforming is no.


Racing games can be quite fun when it’s about ramming your opponents violently out of the road. This is the kind of racing game I like.


I hust started playing it in Solo mode and I love it! :heart:


Tru tru. In forza I love ramming the civilian cars off the road, but they end up slowing me down because they keep tryin to push back at me.


The Witcher 3 is my go-to game for recommendations, especially the GOTY edition since it’s on-sale often (on Steam at least) and it’s the best DLC’s/expansions for a game I’ve ever played.

It is quite a time consuming game though, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing since you know it will last you a decent amount of time.


Cool thank you.


I would recommend The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Thank you.


He is on Xbox, where it is difficult to mod, and the mods that are there kinda…suck. And unmodded Skyrim is kinda garbo after 2-4 runs through it. Even with the DLC.


The original game Thief

Yes, so good after remembering this, I am going to get this… This is an awesome game.


Shooters I’d recommend rainbow six siege(majority pvp with a pve mode) or killing floor 2(pve only)
RPG I’d recommend the Dark Souls series if you haven’t already played it

The Division is also in a pretty good spot right now but they announced they’re gonna make a sequel but it’s probably a year or two out.

I’d second the elder scrolls recommendations and follow it up with a tentative Fallout 4 recommendation imo it’s a lacklustre sequel to 3 and new vegas but it’s the one that’s available on xbox one.

I’d have more recommendations but sadly they’re either 360 games or not available on consoles


I second The Division and Fallout 4 recommendations. Fallout 3 and New Vegas are on Xbox One.

Link for FO3:
Link for New Vegas:


oh I googled it and on wikipedia it only said xbox 360 I guess they’re backwards compatible or something?