Any game recommendations


My birthday was a week ago, and I’m still trying to figure out what I want to get. The thing I’m thinking about getting now is the destiny 2 expansion pass. I am also thinking about other games on Xbox one that are really good now or that are going to be released. The game has to be extremely good to convince me not to get the expansion though.

Also, I will just give a basic overview of some games that I like. I’m fine with most games, except games where it’s like your going on this big parkour adventure thing. Sort of like Mario.

As you can tell, I like destiny 2 or else I wouldn’t be buying the expansion pass. I wouldn’t mind giving rpg’s a try. I’ve heard monster hunter world is really good.

Additionally, some games i have played and liked are overwatch, destiny 2, forza horizon 3, and Fortnite, evolve. I don’t play many games, so I’m not exactly familiar with what games are good and bad. If you can recommend games based on my preferences, that would be cool. Thanks.

Btw I only play on Xbox one.


Mini Metro is a fun little game that I found about recently. Might not be for everyone, but I saw 5 mins of it and knew it was something I wanted to play.

Stellaris / Civ are also lots of fun to get into. They are a bit additive thought so maybe don’t get them right before end of year exams.


Thank you for the recommendations. This reminds me though, I play only on Xbox one.


You should definitely try out MHW one of the best monster hunters games other than 4u imo


Do you like arcade racing games? I know one that I like a lot, Burnout Paradise. If you never played the old version of it (10 years ago), I recommend you the remaster who recently came out. It’s currently on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s not on PC yet.


With such a small amount of experience playing games, I don’t have many recommendations for you.

However, I can recommend 2 things:

  1. Warframe. It’s a free game, most people compare it to Destiny at one point or another, but being free, there is a fairly large amount of grinding required. It’s a great time sink, but a little frustrating at times with how slow it can be. But, I repeat, it’s100% free, so the only thing you spend on it is time.

  2. Borderlands/2. But given your parents’ general dislike of you playing games, particularly M-rated ones, this may not be an option. It’s a looter-shooter where you pick a character who has a power, of sorts, and use a myriad of weapons to kill enemies and bosses. Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite games in existence, but it’s not for everyone so I recommend watching a video or two before buying.


Puyo and Tetris:


Why not Rocket League? It’s a great game, doesn’t cost much (20 USD) and it’s on Xbox One. Plus it’s fun to play with your friends too.


I’ve tried that game on pc. I sucked ass.


Fair warning: it’s super difficult

I bought it for the batmobile xc


Cool I have that one

I don’t think that will be much of a problem. I mean they don’t really care what I play as long as I don’t bother them.


Yeah, I’d be willing to try. Forza was fun so…


I’m not sure what to say to that lol.


Burnout is the exact definitiion of “fun game” for a lot of people.


Sure that would be cool to see.


I don’t know myself if I would get the Destiny 2 pass (unless bungie pulled it together)

but for Monster World is by far a game of both fun and tediousness. But the epic monster battles make it worth the time. The online aspect is just as solid as the hunt on the single player side only with better bounties and what not.

Monster World is a very large universe with a dedicated lot of player.


The monster fights do seem to take a while though…


They seem to have at least gotten something done. For example, their next update is going to change the armor stats like mobility to make it more important. They are also changing a lot of weapons. They are at least taking steps to listen to their playerbase at least a little bit now. One you tuber I’ve watched said that Bungie has some potential to fix destiny 2.
Let’s just hope they live up to our expectations.


Additionally, the new dlcs could bring some new lore. The taken queen sounds like it could be good. The upcoming dlc could also focus on some lore behind the war minds too.


I would recommend Dead by Daylight only if you can handle constant salty messages that make your reputation go down to “Avoid Me” and the servers being complete crap. Like Evolve, Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 game. It’s four player controlled Survivors against one Killer, who is also player controlled. There is no single player mode.

I would also recommend Friday the 13th (1v7, 1 Jason against 7 counselors, has an offline mode with but you can only play as Jason) and Titanfall 2 (Futuristic FPS where you get to pilot a 15 foot tall robot called a Titan, there is campaign and multiplayer). Only thing you might not like about Titanfall is that it encourages you to wall run a lot during the campaign.