Any future map changes


So i know a lot of people hate the broken hill maps due to balance issues and Im just wondering if we will ever see some changes in the near future. Changes like maybe adding tunnels that connect to the three areas in broken hill mine or add more room in the foundry.


i’ve never had any problems (hunter or monster) with the broken hill maps.


I really like the broken hill maps… I could disagree on many relay positions like the weather tower map (forgot name)


there probably wont be any changes done the BH maps. i honestly love foundry but the mines it is so easy to track but there are a lot of areas that benifit both sides but its honestly a clusterf#*k lol not a big fan of the mines myself.

id rather them work on new maps than map changes


Quote from Chloe:
"Wanted to let you guys know that we are aware some folks aren’t loving the Broken Hill maps.
As I’ve said in other threads, there are quite a few changes coming for Evolve and we appreciate your patience as we work to get them out to you."


That means changes to mine also right


Possibly. I was given no specifics other than they may be changed in the near future. I would assume yes.