Any free copy promos?


Community contest perhaps?


Too early for this dude.


If I had the money I’d sponsor one person’s Evolve Copy.


If they haven’t set it up yet I don’t think so. Help keep “hype train” moving too. Month ta setup and 6 week challenge.


If you’re a reviewer you might be able to request a copy from 2K, but who exactly you contact and where they can be found I have no idea. As an aspiring critic myself I hope to start asking for these copies, but I’m too shy and unsure who to ask. ^^

I like the idea of it, but keep in mind what Evolve is already doing; it’s got a PC Closed Alpha and an open beta for Xbox One. That might be the norm for a few games this year, but I think that’ll sustain a lot of people. I’m waiting on the beta and I’m excited all the way ^^


hehehehhehe read the thread title a little wrong


Well, there is the whole “finishing the game” thing, first :wink:


Must be pretty close with all this presenting? Though their must be laundry list of items to address.


I’ll tell you what, once the game is released and is available on Steam, I’ll set up a competition to win a free Steam gift of the game from myself? That sound any good? Because I’d really like to give away a copy of the game to someone and through Steam, the whole gifting system makes things a lot easier. :stuck_out_tongue:


if I’ve got a job by then I might contribute an extra copy so there are two winners.


Finishing the game is overrated. Just ask Dean Hall and the DayZ crew. :smiley: