Any footage from Supernova Expo?


I know that Turtle Rock is currently in 'stralia (australia) and I was wondering if there is some gameplay footage coming from the Supernova Expo?


I asked that same question and the co-founder Chris Ashton told me.

“You know more than I do about that one!”

I have seen retweets on the Evolve twitter page of people posting stuff saying that they played it.

I have not seen any gameplay yet


Yea, again, you guys know more than we do on this one :S the devs are still here in sunny California, but I do believe Evolve is showing in Oz right now!


What is Oz?


'Straya… a.k.a. Australia :wink:


Ah ok, thank you. Do you have an idea, or any knowledge as to if they will be releasing just some gamplay at the office including goliath?


Do you mean – if we plan to release more gameplay footage with Goliath?


Just… any footage. Anything!!! we want- no, we need more Evolve :smiley:


Yes pleaseeeeeee :smile:


You’ll see plenty of stuff from us in coming months! Keep your eyes on those social channels