Any fixes coming for Goliath's glitchy abilities?


Since launch it seems, Goliath has had incredibly glitchy attacks. Rock throws that do zero damage even though you see it smash right into the hunter. Leap smash that crushes a hunter on your screen, yet does zero damage. Or, you clip on a tree branch or usually an invisible wall and the move doesn’t even animate properly. And of course, charge attacks that might shove the hunter away but do no damage, or connect and do damage but not actually push the hunter away, or fail to do both.

So, are these being worked on at all? I saw in the latest PC micropatch there seemed to be something added to address monster movement and things that are supposed to break away actually um, breaking away more consistently. But what about his base attacks? It really sucks to be in the heat of battle with hunters and perfectly time what should be a devastating rock throw only to have it bounce off the hunters. Or try to get away from a fight with a leap smash for traversal only to have it snag on an invisible wall.

Here is a video of my on Refueling Tower earlier today. I spawned and, per usual, left some fake tracks going straight ahead, then doubled back and went towards the sloth/tyrant spawn. At the least, this path gets me 8 meats plus more in the cave past the tyrant. And sometimes, the sloth is elite. Like in this video. But anyway, the trapper must have made a lucky guess and figured they were fake tracks because he stumbles on me right as I start eating the sloth. I finish it, pounce him, get interrupted, charge him, and then set up what should have been either a rock throw kill shot or at the very least left him with such little life, one fire breath would have downed him. It also would have meant no dome, and hell, I probably try to end the fight right there.

Instead the rock bounces off of him unharmed, he throws his dome, I lose about 30% of my health. Now, I escaped, I eventually won this match, but stuff like this happens in virtually EVERY MATCH I play as Goliath, and I have like 500 Goliath matches. Yesterday I went against a Sunny/Laz team and I ended up losing that game because on two different occasions I charged Laz into a corner where the shield wasn’t able to reach, leap smashed, then threw a rock that should have ended him only to have it bounce right off and then Sunny rockets him away.

So again, just a simple question. Are we stuck with these crappy glitchy attacks or is it something devs are working on? I know I am not alone, I see it when I am hunter, I see it on twitch streams all the time.


I know that feel bro…


Yeah I have begun only putting 1 point into leap smash just to have it for traversal sakes because it’s so inconsistent in combat, it feels like a waste investing anything more into it. I have never had the flame breath with no flame.

Another one is the Goliath melee where his arms freeze in place either riight before he connects or right after. This happens a lot too and the only fix I have found is using another ability. So if they are all on cooldown you’re stuck with your arms above your head for a few seconds.


Have had this happen a few times, nothing too crazy though


PS4, I’ve also had the flame breath fail to work and the rock throw do no damage. As of yet I haven’t had problems with leap smash.


This sounds like latency. I’ve never had any noticeable Goliath bugs, and I tend to host/have a strong connection.


At least for rock smash, I know there was a bug along the lines of where a direct hit did no damage. Only hunters hit by the shock wave took damage - Thinking about it now, this may have been defend turrets…


I have leap smash not going where i aim it >_> and no damage registration for leap smash, also griffin harpoon can cancel leapsmash.


For the harpoons at least, they should halt your movement forward, but you should still smash into the ground. Is this what you mean? Or does it just cancel all together?


I have literally gotten a full cancel regarding his harpoons, but the skill still goes into cooldown. It is like during the midair action before he smashes.


Man, that sounds horrible. I’ve never had any problems about Rock Throw, Leap Smash and Charge in terms of damage.

HOWEVER, I am very frequently annoyed, like on a all-of-this-happens-almost-every-match-basis, by the following:

  • Rock Throw not precicely following the indicator line causing frequent misses at longer distance.

  • Both traversals and Leap Smash getting stuck on the slightest ledge. It’s kind of a bummer when you waste such a slow recharging ability only to cover 5 feet in distance.

  • Charge cancelling without me pressing any buttons.

  • Leap Smash getting “rubberbanded” back in mid-air as if hit by a Harpoon.

  • The second half of a Leap inproperly landing on collision causing me to get stuck immobilized in air, slowly “gliding” to the ground while I get shot.

  • During melee attacks Goliath occasionally goes full “Sonic X” -mode and derps around the battlefield at lightspeed. Not as useful as it sounds.

  • Harpoon tether not breaking after getting shot in the back by Griffin (or Maggie’s trap). I land on the ground, carefully take my time to swipe once to break the line, yet occasionally Goliath still does a regular melee attack that keeps the tether intact.
    This one gets frustrating very quickly due to its frequency in combat or when trying to escape.


Also harpoon’s tether still connected even after removing line of sight, they are supposed to break if you put environment between you and the tether. I also find that impossibly irritating when the tethers dont break when you hit them =_=


Well if 75 up and down is not enough for Evolve then TRS has a problem.

but I know it is not just me.


120 down, 12 up, same issues.


Oh, so the rock throw not doing any damage is a bug? Last week I played match in foundry, in the beginning I could damage to the hunters, but in the second dome, my rocks throws were doing no damage at all and they were all making full contact. Then I realized none of my attacks and abilities were doing damage… I assumed the hunters were hacking, so I just left the match, because there I wasn’t go to make any progress if I couldn’t down, let alone damage, a single hunter.