Any Evolve related benefits for having a 2K account in game?


Any Evolve related benefits for having a 2K account in game?

my2k Account
Devs: Please Comment: What is the my2kaccount needed for?

I’m wondering the same thing. Or that having other 2k Games linked too may give you like a special skin or something.


My2K is how you save stats for leaderboards.

EDIT: I previously said progression, that was incorrect. So sorry!


Wait do you seriously mean that its not saved on my Steam Account?

I am working on a Internet Cafe and i’m playing one day from home one day from my work.That means i won’t have my progress like it was in the Alpha?


What if I don’t want a my2K account?

You know if we need yet another account to even save basic game progression TRS should let people know.

Wow this is terrible.


WOW i’m literally pissed now.I came to my work and i’m again 1 level.Even tho it says on Leaderboards i have 39 wins i am 1 level with no progression.I didn’t care about that happening in Alpha but are you really forcing us to make a 2K account to save our progress?

@MacMan Please tell me this will no be the deal at launch.Just…please…


I’m hoping this is a misunderstanding and that my2k is not required for anything (bonus skin I am fine with).

Hopefully @MacMan or another TRS employee responds back.


Wow i just returned home and i am level 2.After 15 hours.Oh man this is getting frustrating…

Also it seems that in low-levels you never gets matchmaking at the start of the game.10 games now i only go to fill a bot slot.

Also it have kept my leaderboard/badges stats as before but everything else is reseted…So that means in 1 day i must climb again from lvl 1 to lvl 15 to start playing normally again…


I thought progression didnt carry over to the final game just character unlocks?


My2K is not required for progression. There is a known bug where sometimes the saved data gets corrupted. This has already been fixed in the release build, but it didn’t make it into the beta build. Sorry about that. :frowning:


Could we have an explicit answer about that ? @MacMan

What is the 2K link account used for, what will be its purpose in the retail game ?

Is it in any way necessary/advantageous for gameplay regarding stats/unlock ?

Because yeah, I’m sorry to say I will insta delete mine if it’s not, and I have no shame, already too damn many accounts everywhere, I don’t want one more who will just be a vector for advertisements content.


My2k provides the leaderboards, badges and the newsfeed. In release, there is also an in-game store where you can buy skins.


Is that an in game store for skins you can buy with in game money/Xp? Or are the skins purchased with real world money? Either way I’m getting them all!


You can get skins through pre-ordering, making a character elite, or by playing the companion app (not out yet). Additionally, you can buy new ones in the store with real money.

Oh so the Monster Race version DOESN'T come with all the planned content
Oh so the Monster Race version DOESN'T come with all the planned content

Looks like I’ll be getting all those skins then! Thanks for the response.


But…i still am in the leaderboards,have my badges etc whatever the computer i play.

I remember back in Alpha when i was home i was for example 15 level and at work i was 5.It was like having different accounts.Also in beta when i went at work i lost all of my progression.Then i returned home and i still had my progression like it was at the work-pc being 2 level.Hope this makes sense to you because my English ain’t very good.

PS.Can’t we have something like SteamCloud for the game?


So I read this comment and took it as meaning that you do not need a My2k account for the Xbox1 beta progression to carry over to the main release. I have since learned that this may not be true.

I would really appreciate it if you could please clear up the whole situation regarding player progression and other unlocks relating to Xbox one beta players and their My2K account. I have done some digging and found a bunch of different answers.



+1 to this.I still don’t know what 2k does to steam users and if i need it


If you use the login with my2k on the hunters quest app, you can use some easily obtained in game points to gain 50% progress on hunter equipment masteries. Logging in to evolve with the same account will allow you to unlock higher tier hunters much quicker, probably in just one or two good games.


Yeah that point is we don’t care about the app.Its about what we need it for.When we switch PC’s and stuff.