Any ETA on the Behemoth no sound bug?


Right now Behemoth doesn’t make sound when he walks or Evolves. Right now it is a bit unfair to play him and miss my big rocksman. Any word on when that hotfix is suppose to come out?


Unfair? Seems balanced. Kung fu panda Inc.

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Before March 2016.

Couldn’t resist.

I don’t know. I guess they’ll announce it when it’s being pushed out? Could just tag a dev and ask. :stuck_out_tongue:


they’ll announce it when it’s being pushed out?
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Is this bug common across all platforms?

Edit: Nevermind I found an official thread. I wonder how common it is though cause I haven’t encountered it.


I’ve had it on PC. Not sure about other platforms.

Congrats. :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks I’m excited

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It actually happens 100% of the time for me on PC. Here is the summation of the problem:

  1. Behemoth does not make noise with his walk or his abilities.
  2. Behemoth does not make any noise when his Evolving Channel is complete. Which means no global sound to locate the monster if you are far away when it is evolving.
  3. We also found that Wraith is not making any noise when it completes it’s Evolving Channel.

Hmm, the wraith part doesn’t sound right. I heard her when she evolved in a game today. Also a PC player.


Does a doubletake

oh my god we have a @halo and a @Hal0

im lost


Yeah I haven’t had any problems with hearing any of the monsters evolves or footsteps.



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