Any Devs, Who's your favorite?


Favorite Hunter/Monster.

Obviously we don’t know the third monster’s name, so just say third monster : ) I’m sure this is a list that a lot of people would love to see.


Hyde and Bucket for me.


I can’t choose between monsters, I love them all! But my goto Hunters are Abe, Maggie, Griff, Lazzy and the Third tier assault.


What perk do you use for both? I always can’t decide if I want damage output or damage reduction with Hyde.


Depends which Medic is on my team. If it’s Laz, health regen perk. If it’s Val, Damage Boost Perk.


This should be true for everyone.I love Kraken.If i want to destroy a team i would pick Kraken.But i would never say anything bad about Goliath.He is the badass monster.He is the definition of Monster.How he looks how he jumps everything is just perfect.


Oh thats smart, I didn’t try regen at all and I was always hurting for Laz burst heals which now makes it so obvious. Also it’s funny how much I grew to hate mammoth birds when I was so used to Val and switch to Lazarus.


I like anything monstrous so that definitely resonates; I even like the critters. I prefer Goliath’s look and feel but I also prefer lightning as an element so I like Kraken in a way too; and the way it drifts about. Dang I envy you guys that know the elusive “third monster”. :smile: If it is snake-like like I guesstimated in another post I’d love you guys forever.


I play mostly Hank because I LOVE hitting the monster from across the map with the orbital. So satisfying. Plus the shield gun is so goddamned useful.

I think we nerfed Parnell since the last time I played him. He’s the character closest to my heart. And with the right perk and teammates, his Super Soldier ability means he used to be able to just solo the monster and bring him down. RRAAAAAGGHHH!

Abe is my favorite to write.


This guy gets it. Hyde and Bucket are awesome.


Why only to Devs? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m definitely a Medic guy, so Val and Laz are my goto Hunters. Especially Val, those tranqs… I love painting the Monster yellow the whole match :smile:


Surprisingly I ended up liking Laz more than Val, I liked hovering on the edge of a fight then darting in for revives. Caira looks very cool though, she will probably be my go-to medic.

Griffin was my favorite overall though. It just clicked with the harpoon gun.

Of course if we include monsters, Goliath is still my favorite overall.


I LOVE Hyde. “Melting faces is what I do!” Nothing beats a good old monster BBQ :slight_smile:


NOW THAT, sounds like my kind of assault! :stuck_out_tongue:


We could debate over our favorites for days, but I imagine everyone wants to hear about it from Devs. I figured one place where we could see a larger majority of Dev hunter/monster answers would be really cool. You’re welcome to list your own set here as well if you want to, but I figured there were plenty of other places to do that for us.


I thought this was going to be a thread about who our favorite dev was.


Lol +1 to this


I’ve actually grown to love Markov :assault:. I didn’t used to get him, but I think improving in my play makes him really fun now.

Also, I love Maggie :trapper:, I played her pretty much exclusively at PAX Prime because she’s the only one I’m decent at with a controller.

I also love our third Medic :medic:, but I need to get a lot better with her and usually being Medic is too much pressure 0.0


whether you mean that or you picked a really well-timed joke, my opinion is that I really enjoy all of them. This Dev team is F***ing awesome. All of them.