Any comedians out there?


Shameless dank meme plug
Shout out to my boy XKR for giving me the idea to make this beautiful, funny, hella dank meme


There’s a thread pinned at the top of this forum for terrible Evolve one-liners.

For memes, just look for posts from those two. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Sir, we found this Goliath corpse, but it’s all melted”
Looks like this Goliath (••)
Tried to run but couldn’t ( •
Hyde (⌐■_■)


Is there? can you link please I can’t seem to find it :smiley:



This thread: If Markov could stack Arc Mines they would be called Arch Mines


“Sir, we found the remains of a Kraken that fell through the frozen lake”
Looks like (••)
The ice was ( •
Kraken (⌐■_■)


Still like that one. ^.^


I’m thinking about making more but I can’t think of any phrases to match the others :confused:


Me either. I’m too serious to come up with puns/jokes most of the time. I try to get better at it though. ^.^


I came up with a Hyde joke a few months ago and people liked it.

Actually, It’s just a bad pun though

“If the assault is running from the monster. Does he Hyde?”


What is behemoths favourite type of music?

Rock and Roll. :sunglasses:


I like that alot, did u photoshop it?


Oi you, found a way to top your meme!

This had me cracking up for 10 minutes, just because I was all like wtf… And dinosaurs :stuck_out_tongue:


By far the best one.


Not fair, I can’t edit Gifs ;-;


Why thank you :blush:


One does not simply laugh that hard at an image…

If people truly do live longer from laughing, I’ll be the first 200yr old man on this face of the earth.


nope :smile:


I’m working on a “Kraken on Strike” one right now, but it’s really hard to snag a good pic of a Lightning Striking Kraken while dodging around frantically ;-;