Any chance we could get a preload this weekend? The game is pretty big


The sooner the better! @MacMan? @SlabOMeat?

Another preload thread

This weekend? Maybe next weekend at best, but yeah. I imagine a pre-load will be available, the game is huge, it would be stupid not to.
Though I am on fibre-op, I can download it within an hour.


i get around 10 mb a sec so its decently fast. I wanna get fibre op soon


Weird cause when i prepurchased on xbox it looked like it installed


That is because X-box One Pre-load was made available weeks ago. PC won’t be ready till closer to launch.


Oh I didn’t know that


Gad dammit, why does everyone get such fast internet?! Jesus Christ, is your router on steroids? Please tell me the secret. 2MB per second is ridiculous. But wait a moment… You’re telling me you get 10MBpS without Google Fiber?

@worksa10 How fast does Google Fiber make your internet?


Depends on what you buy.

However that guy said 10mb not 10MB, 10mb is about 1.25 MB a second, if that is the confusion.

Myself I got the cheapest I could get in my area, which is 60mb down, 40mb up, which means I download at around 7.5MB a second.


I don’t get it. Don’t explain though, my head will implode. Does this make me stupid? :confounded:

7.5 mb cheapest.


No, mb = megabit, MB = Megabyte, 1 mb is equal to 0.125 MB in terms of download transfer rate. Internet speed and such is measured in megabits not megabytes.

That being said this might be a real kick in the teeth, I actually got mine for free essentially. They offered free fibre op installation, and the price of fibre op with 7.5MB/s was the same price as the like 0.32MB download speed internet I had.

My bill never went up a dime xD

Canada has some good providers, but lousy mobile services imo.


thank you very much for clarifying friend!


Much nicer here.

ON steam forums I clarified the DLC Evolve Maps were going to be free, and a guy told me to go shove it up my ass and die and whatnot xD


I cried a little too. It’s okay.

The speed we pay for at my place is 5-6mb down and sometimes 1mb up. :unamused:


I have Fiber-op and i only Get 1 MB a sec,

Bruh plz


I can’t get fibre at my house, this thread has made me sad…


Stay strong. Trust in Evolve. We’ll make it out of this.


MIne rarely goes lower than 15 mb/s but yeah… :smiley: Fast internet is fun :stuck_out_tongue:


You son of a troll. Rub it in more, why don’t you? But no matter. Evolve is coming soon, and nothing- not even Google Fiber or your fast internet- will be able to save you from my wrath. :wink:


I have to us the regional internet called broadband reach or something even though im on the fring of surbubia. It will take me about 1-2 days to download (excluding sleep time)


I download at 150+ mb (not MB) but that’s only since Belgium internet suffered really hard at first, but then finally got a much-needed upgrade. (And fiber)
And fiber is possibly the best thing to have ever happened to internet(speeds)!