Any chance that Monsters will be able to be played with parties?


See title, It’s something I really hope they change in the future.


If you have a full party, you can just jump into customs.


If I remember correctly when they introduce Ranked Play they might add the ability to match make without a full party and allow one of you to be monster. At least that’s what I believe they were tossing around.


what i would find interesting is if we had two teams of 5 going head to head and each team had a “Tamed” monster player :smiley: Obviously need bigger maps but the carnage would be epic.


That’d be killer. Spawn as a new thread please :smile:


Done :slight_smile:

Evolve new gameplay mode


I doubt it, maybe. I do know that I was playing a game as a monster and my friend in my chat party joined the game as a hunter. It was really fun talkin shit with him :wink:
“Hey, see those birds? Dont you wanna come near those birds?”
“No, fuck your birds!”


If you play on the XB1, a group of us play almost exclusively in 5 man parties. You’re welcome to add me and get in your fix, we revolve around hunters and monsters often so you’ll get a chance at whatever class you want.

My GT is Captain Pidgey


I’m on PC :’(


I hope so, it’s really fun to mess around with my friends as a Monster, but I usually only have like 2 or 3 others :laughing:

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