Any chance of a pre game lobby leaderboard...?


Now I play hunt 2.0 a ton but I’d love to know when I’m matched with random players what there stats are before entering a game with them because already their level is hidden which can be a good indicator of their experience,now I know people will say the matchmaking is already slow so they would hate people backing out all the time but regardless I’d like a little more data of my team mates before entering battle with them as some games turn into a real frustrated 20 minute match.

The lobby leaderboard could say their highest win streak,how many total wins/losses,how many revives they’ve done in hunt 2.0 and probably other stats I can’t think of right now.

I just feel the pre game lobby screen is rather bland at the minute considering it’s a Skilled Based MM in terms of allowing everyone to know what people’s stats are,I mean they have took out the ability to see your friends stats on the leaderboards now which is dumb I always have to ask them their hunt wins/losses,I should be able to see on leaderboards as it really adds to the competitive side of things trying to be better or just to see how your fairing compared to them.


Sounds like a relatively interesting idea, I’m gonna put this in suggestions if you don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Kool thanks dude!

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