Any casters out there?


So I’ve been streaming quite a bit of Evolve since launch and would love to find someone to cast with or any tournaments that want/need games casted. I obviously can’t cast from just one perspective and I know there isn’t currently a client in game to use for spectating but if a tournament makes at least one hunter and the monster stream I can cast off of a multitwitch or just use video and make a youtube video for viewing at a later date if we feel the match was good. If there’s anyone else looking to cast as well please let me know as solo casting can be weird sometimes looking for things to talk about. And if any tournament organizers are interested please let me know as well. Thanks.


if you are looking for someone to shoutcast with you should maybe try and get in touch with this guy

Also I believe that if you are interested in shoutcasting tournaments, you should get in touch with link from
I know that they are always looking for ppl to help with the tournament


Well hi there. Thanks for calling me out @Ho_Nutha_Levul.

As to you dark, feel free to send me an email or add me on steam.


Awesome. Thanks for the link greatly appreciated. And already in touch with key, found him on reddit. Great to see some super helpful people out there though.