Any Australian's on xbox one?


I main Assault (also a decent trapper) and I am looking for any Australians to team up with and have some fun with. I have experience from big alpha and the beta. No age restrictions (I’m only 15 myself) but maturity is a must, reply if interested.
See you on Shear!


Hey bud. Add me: Sakuraba D


If there are any other Aussies that are looking for someone to play with, feel free to add me also. I’ll be on most nights of the week.

Gt: Sakuraba D


Add me

Kronos Lizard

Im a beast support.


Hey feel free to add me gt joeyfitzroy. I’m still getting to know the game I didn’t play beta. Have mostly been playing as trapper but will try any role.


Australian medic and support here
Gt- Jacob1606

May not be on till end of week still trying to get over the sad lost of my two elite char due to server reset bug :frowning:


Hi, Im looking to join some Australian evolve players. I play all roles except for medic.
GT-BrenQ13. I live in Melbourne and play after 9.30pm most nights.