Any Anticipated Movies?


Speaking of which, I’m watching Age of Ultron for the first time right now.


This.Looking foward for these.


Got a lot of flack, but I loved it.


that’s true, i never thought about mid range investments.

yeah, most of the movies i watch are already out too xD but its not such a bad thing either, i’ve gone into cinemas with bad films, and im forced to watch it all for 2 hours…
but anyway, its always a pleasure to suddenly find an epic movie, whether in cinema or not.

i did walked out of cinema before, some movies were so bad.


Really? Why? Just finished it (had to take a break because I went to the gym) and I really enjoyed it. I wish Pietro would’ve lived, but it’s whatever.


Typical sequel hate and people not happy with each hero getting equal screen time.

I was also sorry he died but they wouldn’t let two quicksilver’s exist at the same time for more than one movie.

I really liked the Hawkeye sub plot and James Spader as Ultron.