Any Anticipated Movies?


Do you have any anticipated movies? Mine has to be It (2017), Spider-Man Homecoming, and War for the Planet of the Apes.


I think IT is the only one I’m really looking forward to right now actually!

I need to look at what’s in the works!



Godzilla: Monster Planet
Alien: Covenant
The Predator
Transformers: The Last Knight
Justice League
Godzilla: King of the Monsters
Godzilla vs Kong
Avengers: Infinity War
Alien: Awakening
Justice League sequel
War for the Planet of the Apes
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Thor: Ragnarok
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
Pacific Rim: Uprising


I’d say I’m mostly looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, it looks like it’ll be a great movie.


Spidey, definitely. Never been a big fan of his but I know that one of my absolute favorite movies ever would have to be Spider-Man 2, the one with Doctor Octopus. It was great, and it seems the major fan base agrees.


I don’t know really. Everything I can think of is a sequel or a remake, and I’m not too psyched about those because I’m getting a serious case of sequelitus.

If I had to, I suppose the new Blade Runner, and maybe the new Alien. I love the series, but from the trailers it seems too much like Scott Kow Towing to fans that wanted another Alien movie instead of a proper continuation of the Prometheus narrative. I liked Prometheus despite it’s flaws because it was new and different and didn’t insist on fan service. Niel Blomkamp is already doing an Alien continuation proper, and I feel like Scott would be wasting his time to go back to Xenomorphs chasing people through derelict space ships. Maybe my impressions are wrong and it’ll be amazing though. we’ll see.

Also, Thor 3 because Taika Waititi is an incredible director.


Mortal Engines.

Originally a cool book series, Peter Jackson planned to start work on the film adaptation way back in 2010. Seems like a lot of stuff got in the way including The Hobbit films. Now however they’ve got someone else to be the director (Christian Rivers) and Peter will help will the script. Estimated date seems to be 2018.

This is the only only film that I feel genuinely excited for. So as they say:


I posted that on the Say Something Random 5.1 thread :rage:



Watch this. You will be hyped for the film.


I’ll admit, I grew up on Transformers. The classic cartoon and Transformers Armada were the my lifeblood of my childhood. Sadly the Micheal Bay films have crushed my hopes each and every time.

…but this trailer makes me want to see it.


Nooooooope! I hate what they did to the franchise. :grumpy:




Yessssss! I cannot wait for this one!


you know why, my hillbilly friend
its the balance between passion and mooolah.
these movies, … in the end are ultimately about the moolah. that’s why sequelitus came about. there are a lot of talented and passionate fans out there who could probably do a better job too.
something original has risk, and talent… but risk… risk limits the ‘investment moolah’… and they need a reputable direktor… or its all indie, less investment moolah.

my suggestion is, look out for foreign/art house movies. here’s the thing, every country/continent has a great film, even if but one.

watching foreign movies always gives u a fresh experience. try Operation Mekong, its a chinese film or look for Cold Eyes, korean. both of these are espionage. i’ve long forsaken mainstream movies, didnt watch most of the superhero movies. arthouse/foreign but well produced movies are the tasty medium rare steaks.
i could recommend more but idk your taste. hope theyre ok

10 points for you to be posting meme of david mitchell. mortal engines looks cool too, ive never heard about it. nice one

ooh, all you can watch buffet


Oh yes! & this one of course!


IT and Alien: Covenant.


I understand the studio dynamic. Because film is an industry, it’s first goal is money, it’s second is entertainment. I watch a lot of indie movies, and foreign movies, and old movies, but I never know about them until after they are out, so I don’t really anticipate them. There is a growing budgetary divide in the film world however, where the only movies that get made, are the ones with monstrous budgets, or tiny budgets. There’s rarely any mid range investment in movies anymore, and that’s what’s flooding the market with huge action pictures and sequels, or tiny good movies you don’t hear about until they are already out.


Basically, like, every new Marvel movie that will ever come out ever.