Any advice\tip\strategy for the Gorgo?



At this point I’ve tried every monster in the game (except behemoth).
My fav is the wraith, though very weak presently.
Kraken is boring and old Kraken is nice but doesn’t impress me.
So the gorgo. It is quite weird so I like it. I’ve faced it couple of times and it’s surprising how it looks incredibly easy to beat a time, and very hard to beat thje other time.
Any particular tip\trick\strategy for using gorgon?
Yes i know that i have to spit acid on hunters trapped inside bugs to deal super dmg. A part from that?
Should i use all 4 skill or just 3 ?
What perks? (write in brackets the values of perks since i don’t know persks’ names in Eng)
How to stay “glued” to high cliff walls?


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