Any advice on playing Crow and what to improve? (video inside)


Pardon me the aim, I had given my friend my good mouse and was playing with a trackball.

What do you think I should improve the most upon?


I haven’t played that much Crow. But tbh charging his main gun is kinda useless. It does so little damage, and it’s better to just shoot lots of uncharged shoots. But in general use the stasis gun the most often. Remember, you’re the trapper, not the assault.

You seemed to be pretty good though


That makes sense - after the match I started thinking whether I wouldn’t have been more useful if I helped destroy the monster’s armor so that everybody could have been able to contribute to the HP damage.

Thank you for your time!



10 Torvalds


I watched, and might give a few little comments/tips/etc.

  • Early when you found him, it was good to throw that charged shot on him while he was eating.

  • Once you have a charged stasis on him, though, it’s best to quick swap to the rifle. If he still has armor, I’d recommend charging it up to blast it. (I don’t really agree with the previous poster that uncharged shots are worthless, but it’s good to keep in perspective how much damage you’re really doing, and want to focus on CC (crowd control - i.e., stasis)

  • Jetpack management is a huge thing for ALL hunters. Around 1:37, you were practically empty on jetpack, but moved forward to get another stasis shot on him, while alone in the dome. This is risky with good monsters, who could pummel you pretty quickly, and you’d have little recourse with no fuel. Ideally, you’d want to save some fuel for the return before going in for the charge, and probably know that teammates are close by.

  • To the above point, remember that the dome is now 5 minutes long with Stage 2. If a monster wants to evade, he can lose 5 minutes of his time, and you’ll likely win by timer. A LOT of newer hunters seem to be rushing into spaces that the monster stakes out, and get pounced/trounced/owned, because they follow Goliath or Wraith or whoever into some little crevice, or into some tunnel where heals and shields can’t go safely. Always remember that Rolling Stones song lyric, “Time Is On My Side”. Hunters should act like they own the dome, because they’re the ones that set it. Monsters often try to tease hunters into precarious situations due to their impatience, etc., but really you want to get a monster to fight on your terms.

  • Alternatively to the rifle, uncharged stasis is practically worthless. I usually get into a position to charge it, at least a little, before firing it, rather than firing it uncharged a lot. That said, know that when you get hit, you lose the charge, so use your discretion.

  • All in all, you have the basics down. Judging by the video, I just recommend using charged stasis shots a bit more than the Kinetic rifle, based on what you were doing. Your primary goal is crowd control so that you keep the monster at bay so heavier damage dealers can do their thing.

Hopefully that helped to some extent? Pretty good though.


I immediately regretted that decision when I landed into the acid pool. I wasn’t aware my teammates were that far away and I didn’t keep in mind that the time is on my side. I still have the mindset of the Legacy Evolve which pushed me to make the most out of every dome.

I hope to memorise the stasis shot’s duration better over time, so that I can keep the monster perma-slowed without sacrificing too much dps :slight_smile:

Your entire post was very, very helpful! I always look forward to listening to other people’s perspective, not only in video games!


I played him some. If I see no tracks I go in one direction and send gobi in a different direction.
I play on PS4 and have mastered all trappers.
I have plenty other tips for trappers so let me know if you want one.
But I finally see another good crow player. :+1:


Some nice advice in this thread here.

and at LavaDragon 2k. Im really interested in some Trapper tips. Thinking of switching to trapper since Im the first one trying to cut the monster off, and Im playing healer 85%. Its just abit frustrating having a team that either runs around with no goal, or just follows prints and nothing else.
Im a founder but didnt play alot since no friends joined me at the game, so still a noob.

Do you have any general tips? What Ive been trying is to always try to cut off and find the mosnter ahead of it when you see the prints going into a corner. Then focus on whatever CC I got. Think Ive only played Maggie so far since she was the first to get at the release (and I still played mostly healer at that time). Trying to stay safe, and CC as much as I can. Also Daisy was great at that time since most monsters ran one way and sneaked another at the start, no scanner.
Is there a trapper thats great to get better with and suits a “Damage last” mindset?


You didn’t ask me, but “damage last” would be Maggie or Griffin. With Maggie, you’d be spending a fair amount of time placing harpoon traps in positions that can catch the monster while they try to focus support/med. With Griffin, you’re more directly holding the harpoon to try to snag him whenever he tries to move towards medic or support. Griffin has the more reliable CC against certain monsters like Gorgon or Wraith, etc., because most monster’s area effect damages kill Maggie’s traps. They’re not useless, but, say, against Gorgon with its super short acid spit, he spits all over the ground and you can’t lay traps anywhere in that area.

It sounds like you have the right idea with trapping the monster by cut off, but the other piece is you need coordination from your team. Monsters can smell, and good monsters are smart monsters. If they see one trapper going in one direction at a fork, and the team follows the trapper, they’ll smell, see the team, and reverse path and juke. That’s why you may sometimes see monsters going left when you planet scan/throw Gobi/whatever, but then when you get there, tracks are in the total opposite direction, of course. So the trick is to have at least one other person coordinating with you. That’s one reason why people suggest premades, however, it’s not impossible with randoms if you get a good one or two in your team. It’s super difficult with those who have no mic and don’t speak though.

All that said, my go-to hunter is Abe. I usually take quick movement speed tier1, quick swap tier2 (50%), and reload speed tier 3. In battle, that means he can swap between tracking dart, stasis grenades, and shotgun pretty quickly, his shotgun reloads pretty quickly, and he’s fast enough to trap usually. Abe has the highest damage within the dome as well, and his stasis grenades are good against most monsters, but is least effective against Wraith and the Krakens. I often try to get up in the monster’s business as Abe with the shotgun and burst in its face to try to gain focus, and get him off of the medics and supports. If the monster is good, I keep distance and fire a bit slower so it clears longer range. He works really well with a Torvald, Val, or Lazarus in the group, because those players make weak spots that Abe’s shotgun can hit.

Hope that helps. I mained Trapper since beta on PC, and was in top 50 as Abe, etc., beforehand, but there may be better trappers than I with some other/different advice as well.


I’ll be back to this, no worries.


The wise Shunty shall speak to us Crow plebs


Many thanks FBW!

It seems like most trappers is in a good spot right now, asked some questions at reddit as well, think Jack and Abe are the suggestion so far.
Maggie is alright, but I feel daisy lost some of her usefulness with the scan and so on. Might be better against some more experienced monsters. Right now they can pretty much overrun every low level pub group and therefore they aint that careful.

I know you should prob spread out two and two, but sometimes you just cant let the monster have thoose 200-400 meters the whole game, that happens pretty often right now at low levels when people just follow tracks. Sometimes its just better to risk it to actually find the monster before rank 3 :slight_smile:

Abe looks pretty cool, granades should be abit harder cc to hit though than Crow, Jack or even Griffin. Are there any delay from throwing it or is it prox + timer? Tracers in every creep you run past?

Thanks against for the tips, and I will look into Abe as well before I test them out in a couple of hours.


I think trappers in general are in the best spot right now than they’ve ever been the entire game. All of them feel useful in their own ways, which is fantastic. The gameplay is significantly different than it was before, but the class still does feel well-rounded.

I agree regarding Daisy - she’s less useful now than she was pre-stage 2. She’s too slow, basically. Any trapper has better luck rushing forward and using the scanner and other options where possible.

I also agree about the risk. If you’re playing a pubs and you can’t get them to agree to coordinate, what I typically do is risk it anyway by going in and getting a bead on the monster, but trying not to rush too far ahead that if I dome it, I won’t be alone in the dome for more than maybe 5-10 seconds. The biggest problem is when you have slow teammates that take long routes, stop to kill wildlife, or get eaten by plants/megamouths/etc.

Stasis grenades don’t last super long, so tips there would be to keep at least one (of the three) in the area where support and medic are, and the other two in areas where the monster is or will be. It’s most important to stasis when there’s event a glint of medic-murder in the monster’s eye to slow it down at all. When the monster focuses either med or support, I throw the grenades on the ground and on nearby walls and advise med/support where would be best to move to. Usually the meds/supports will want to roach up/down walls where possible. When throwing stasis, it helps to put them just a bit above ground (walls) so that flames and other area attacks don’t just destroy them if they’re lying on the ground. Sometimes they have to go there, though.

Stasis can also be helpful when monster’s fleeing. You can throw the grenades quite far, but it slows your run speed down when doing so, so you use your discretion. But if a Goliath is running away, and he’s going in an obvious direction, I might throw 1-2 grenades ahead of him to slow him down. It doesn’t stop traversals though, so timing is a factor, too. It’s not always helpful, and sometimes best to just chase as fast as possible.

I always keep the monster darted during dome (and, of course, when not) so that it’s easy to find the monster within the dome, and keep the stasis fields spread out enough that the monster is usually in one. Then, with quick swap, focus on damage, swapping between the three weapons very regularly, and very quickly. That’s why quick swap is helpful (as well as damage increase and reload speed, if you don’t need movement speed, which allows you to do a bit more damage). Again, the damage is best when you have weak points, though, and you shoot slower the farther away you are.

I typically do put darts in most wildlife I see as I run by. It doesn’t slow you down too much, but I don’t do it to every mob or enough to slow me down behind the group. As you use it more and more, aim tends to get better and you can nail the wildlife with a dart without breaking stride. Sunny is also great to allow Abe to dart the monster during fleeing.


Alright, so hear it is. We’ll take it step by step.

  • Step 1: The Planet Scanner
    The Planet Scanner is something you should only use to get a generalization of where the Monster is. So in a Dome, it’s practically useless. I saw you use it a few times while fighting, which then lead to you not being able to use it when the Monster fled. Sure you found immediately, but I sneaky Monster could’ve easily juked you there and gone for the Evolve.

  • Step 2: Gobi
    Gobi is easily the best tracking tool out all the Trappers, but you need to know when to use him. A lot of times you’d use him when the Monster was in your face, that’s a no can do. You need to use Gobi to find and keep track of the Monster. So if a Monster wants to hide in a dome, send him into the air to find him, then wait to use him again until he goes back into hiding.

  • Step 3: The KLR
    This is probably the hardest thing for most people to get down, but once you do, you’re golden. What I’m talking here is properly timing your charged shots. There were a lot of times where you thought you had a charged shot, but didn’t because you shot too early. The best way of getting around this is by either getting used to the rhythm of the shots, understanding the fire rate, or waiting for the circle on your reticle to go red. You’ll also here a nice click sound when the shot is fully charged, so that will help you with the rhythm.

  • Step 4: Zooming In
    Zooming in is practically pointless. It adds nothing at all. There’s no accuracy increase at all or any other benefit. It actually hinders you quite a lot. Zooming in blocks practically all of your peripheral vision. If you do zoom in, you’ll either have to fire to get out of it or switch to another weapon, wasting precise time. Zooming in cam have its benefits though, but only at longer ranges. If the Monster is a good distance away, zooming in to make sure he’s in your sights is a good idea. Other than that, there’s no reason to use it.

  • Step 5: Stasis
    The stasis gun functions similar to the KLR, with single shots and charged shots. The important thing to note with this gun is the rhythm/rate of fire. Exactly like the KLR, the guns reticle will go red when fully charged and we give a nice click noise when charged. Just like the KLR, to get the rhythm down perfectly, you need to get used to the visual and audio representation of the weapon being charged.

  • Step 6: The Rotations
    This is the hardest thing to master with Crow. I’ll give a basic rundown of what The Rotations are; The Rotations are basically a set way of swapping in between Crow’s weaponry. An example would as follows: KLR charged shot, Stasis Charged shot, Gobi, Stasis single shot, KLR charged shot, Gobi. These rotations are completely reliant on the situation you’re currently in. Say you’re fighting a stage one. Stasis isn’t as important during this because the Monster can’t do much damage. So a good rotation would be as follows: KLR charged shot, Gobi, KLR charged shot, KLR charged shot, Stasis single shot, KLR charged shot, Gobi, Stasis Charged shot.

@Alatreon hopefully you find this helpful.

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Planet Scanner is good in a dome if Wraith is the Monster and is trying to FT3 by Decoy spamming. Plus she stays visible, so she can’t just use Decoy again and hide.


Well, I admit that using Gobi and PS when there was apparently no point in doing so was my gut feeling that the monster is going for jukes.

Still, thank you a ton and I can’t wait for more advice!


Planet Scanner is good in a dome for the speed boost when focused and you’re losing health. I’ve survived a few times by popping Scanner to use the speed boost to get out of the immediate range of the monster when focused. But, I agree it’s not good for locating the monster within the dome, usually. The other tracking abilities should be used first.


I understand the speed boost part, and see a really good reason to use it, but you have to be very aware of yotr surroundings when using it.


True, I try to just move one to other side of that “corner”, not much else. Using CC and keeping away but on the inside of the monster if the rest of the three chase the tail. And sorry OP that I kinda highjacked this thread getting in to other trappers!

Got 3 games yesterday as a trapper, won pretty quick with Abe but got no clue how well I did with stasis. Mostly running around throwing some nades around the healer or infront of the monster, tracking it and realized I didnt know for how long the track last and therefore got very little damage in. Shoting wildlife when passing by.
2 games as Griffin, enjoying both games. Putting Scanners through the middle of the map trying to cover the edges. Started by scanning running abit to the side, putting down two scanners while trying to keep close but at the same time always end up abit infront of them to trap the monster. Lost the first game but it was a pretty intense one where we always were pretty close to the monster. Chipping down some health. Always putting a scanner inside the doom as well.
It was fun and felt pretty natural to me to try to stay behind or at an angle to the mosnter using harpoons all the time. The reload is kinda long though and maybe some reload time reduction would be nice on Griffin, but I went with 2 movement speed and the silver Rocket Man. In the end we lost this one, and I got downed pretty early when he focused me. Not comfortable enough with the game and the maps yet to know wtf to do with a longer focus on me. Trying to just run around and climb rocks when the jetpack is empty after some dodging.
Second game was a pretty convincing win, doing about the same as the first game. Got no focus from the monster and could just strafe around harpooning.

1k keys from Crow now, might wanna test him out as well. His slow looks nice and it might be easier to be able to do some damage as well with this guy in the chaotic fights. The harpoon is kinda fire, reload, fire… no time for damage, felt like its always better (unless its an all in low health monster maybe) to try to CC with him.

Thanks again everyone giving tips to all kinds of trapper in a crow thread.


Also, @Alatreon what perks do you run?