Any advice, how to get away from good trapper?

Last few games I was facing premades, with great Trappers.
I got large issues to get away from him and to build enough time to eat and evolve.

Any advice? Or its simply meant to be that way, when Trapper is good?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Depends, any Trappers in specific? .3.

um nah not really. First that guy was going Maggie, then Griffin and lastly Crow.
Same result more or less :slight_smile:

Be evolve ready before he finds you

Well, if you’re confident in your abilities, stopping and getting a strike on the trapper, or even killing him would be well worth the health loss, but that might be hard against defensive teams

I have some advise:

Git Gud Scrub

Just kidding, I wouldn’t really know tbh. As crazybread said, try to just not get spotted I guess?

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Why do you think these pc monsters go all in straight off of the evolve especially kracken you just can’t escape

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Tell that to those *** carryon birds .-.

@crazybread101 well yea… But its sometimes hard when all wildlife is nowhere to find …

Oh well probably I will have to learn specific feeding routes on every map

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What monster do you tend to run?


It’s tough to answer your question when none of us have a really good idea on how YOU as a monster play. Are you just bad? Are you truly playing against skilled hunters? Got any videos you wanna share? That would be really helpful in diagnosing what the issue was during the game. :smile:

Ok good point :smiley: I will try to make video a post it here :slight_smile:

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  • I would consider going charge and leap early. With the traversals, those skills will allow you to get distance from any trapper. Space them out appropriately, leaving a traversal before you use the skills, so that you don’t hit the slower traversal recharge at 0.

  • Try to go in a straight line across the map and then take the evolve. If you head in a direction where you’ll need to turn because you’re near the edge of the map, the trapper will just gain that distance fast.

  • If there is some good verticality, climb it, ensuring you have most of your traversals, then block LoS if you can and wait for the trapper to burn their jetpack. After they’re at the top or near it, leap past them and keep going. [It’s possible the trapper will just wait and try to cut you off in the direction you’re heading, so perhaps head off in that direction and then sneak and wait until he/she heads off].

Basically, your aim is to waste their jetpack. A random rock throw sent backwards after 2 traversals will either result in them being knocked back or wasting fuel (if you managed to aim it well on the swing).

Another thing to do is to juke them. Make it seem for sure you’re going one way, and then in an area with lots of LoS blockage, juke around them. Be careful not to break anything. Breaking objects or scaring wildlife may get them back on your tail, but it’s worth trying.

Sometimes though you just need to cut your losses. I just played against a wraith and we just kept pressure on him at S1 after the first dome, tracking darting and sticking close. He managed to lose us when the match timer came to 2 mins, and got S2. After that he had 1:30s to get fed and stage 3, so at 30s we just left him and jumped around.


If you can’t get away from him, then why not go to him?
Catch him off guard and combo abilities (as Goliath at level 1 I tend to use 1 leap, 1 flame, 1 charge, it’s nice to leap them, charge them into a wall/corner, and then meleee, if they run flame breath them, then use anything to kill them).
If you do it right (and there isn’t a Laz) then yuo should be evolve ready for 2 minutes.

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Thanks for tips, I was experimenting with Charge, but then I realized that I am missing the burst I am used to with 3x lvl3 abilities on s3.

But anyways, I will try to get used to the Charge . :slight_smile:

Yes this works ( I am using Leap+Rock combo) but only when I am not against good premade with def. team ( Hank/Sunny Slim/Caira). Then I get simply wrecked and I need to evade for the rest of the dome .
When I somehow manage to get to s2 with at least half armour, then I am pretty much fine. But till that point its painfull for me.

If a trapper is keeping up with you then it is usually because of hunters cutting you off. When this happens try to work out when you can stop, change direction and sneak away. Trapper speed comes only from anticipating your movements, as long as you aren’t tagged with tracking the good ol’ fashion sneak and juke will help you.

If you are going to try sneaking, pay attention to your surroundings. Don’t break objects, make sure you aren’t leaving a noticeable trail of bread crumbs with corpses, etc.

good deal!

i’d say practice feeding routes at S1. Ideally you have full bar when they find you. Have a rough idea of where you want to be trapped if they find you (where you can evolve if they don’t) Mitigate in the first dome - or try to knock down the trapper then once the dome is down full blown leg it to the other end of the map. Its key not to get domed in the middle at S1 because you then have less distance to gain space. Movement speed is great. Smell often to see if they are trying to cut you off, you can waltz past the others so dont worry if they are fanned out just avoid the trapper. Hope that helps!
Also, once you are at S2 expect to be trapped frequently so eat on the move. Since the patch I have prioritised feeding a little more than pure escaping because you are going to get caught anyway, just try to get caught in a decent dome. I’ll quite often be finishing up my feeding while the dome is down

IMO goliath is just way too weak now. I was a goliath main before but I switched to wraith since everysingle comp makes life hard for the goliath