I’m bringing this up rather late, but what struck me when I first completed a match as a hunter:

Where is the payoff for having just defeated a 2 storey tall monster?

I really hoped for a nice cinematic death animation, the monster collapsing king-kong-fashion to the ground and the hunters lining up in front of it to take selfies. (yes pretty much what Caira suggests)

I picturerd something like defeating the primagen in Turok 2 seeds of evil (anyone been there?)
A last close up which sort of shows again the scale of the monster.

What we have now is anticlimactic to say the least. You hardly see the monster drop (it starts to bubble like a salted snail) and zoom the dropship “punches it” and away they fly.
Those hunters just risked their lives and had a fight for life and death, why would they be so extremely pressed to get back to eating canyon eel back at the barracks??? I don’t get it.

i’m a fan of the “roar” the monster does when winning, but the payoff when playing hunter is nothing in comparison.

You guys know what I mean?



With a huge monster that was trying to kill you a second ago…

Seems legit.


Seriously have you never seen pictures of hunters posing with their game?
It’s basically what you do after a hunt.


MKX fatality lol


Okay, I really hate people who do that in real life. Bragging about killing a living being for fun. Despicable.

Anyway, I think the monsters do have death animations, but sometimes they get cut off by the end screen. Behemoth lurches forward and then falls over, kraken and wraith flail around as they kind of fizzle and dissolve, as does goliath.


I agree that the monster gets to roar up in the air and all the hunters get is a dropship flying by. I think it should at least zoom into the hunter that landed the final blow.


Goliath kinda… Punches the air, to see if he can land a final hit on you.


It would get kinda boring to see over and over again


This is a good plan. This is the BEST plan.


Tree hugging hippie….


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That’s me



This is how someone takes a joke.


Same reason why Griffin says he doesnt take a trophy from the monster its the enemy.



I always want to know who does the coup de grace on a monster. It would give the team a little more umph to try and land the last bullet, as well as personal gain from being a low damage player and getting that boom headshot.

Obviously the winning hunter should eat grilled meats that night.


Ha! I know someone would post this.


Evacuation has pretty good little clips. A shame it’s not balanced better (Needs longer times on Nest and Defend shouldn’t be so extremely balanced towards Hunters. The autobalancing should also be limited/none since you already get added perks/bots).


Why do they rush off, without celebrating? Simple.

There are more Monsters out there, killing people. More than they can possibly handle. Every moment that goes by means another human life was snuffed out. There is no time to spare.


Nah mate, Markov just wants to eat grilled meats… so he books it. :wink:


“Alright, you all know what the stakes are…”
“Steaks… Are delicious.”