Anticlimax winning animation, here's a suggestion


Hello Turtle Rock, new player here. Just want to give you guys some suggestions about the winning animation on both sides.

Current winning animation for the hunters is a bit anticlimax in my opinion. Just a dropship passing by is kinda underwhelming and doesn’t have any “oomph!” to it. Each slain monster should have it’s own death animation and played when the hunters win.

Imagine a Goliath crumbling slowly while the lava blood bursting from all the cracks and crevices of his body. Or screaming Gorgon with its body bulging up like balloon and explodes splashing acid all over. Or a Kraken all curled up like an octopus on a grill. I’ll leave it to you creative designers and animators at Turtle Rock Studio, make some wicked crazy death animation happens.

Meanwhile if the monsters win, after the scream there should be a scene where it destroys the power relay (in hunt) and make a huge explosion. There’s a sense of storytelling going on here since the objective of the mission is to destroy the power relay and the hunter was failed to prevent it.

Thank you for your time and I hope Evolve keep consuming our suggestions to reach stage 3 :wink:


That’s sounds so cool like if a monster wins it shows it going towards the last hunter that got incapped then rips him apart :grin: