Anti-Torvald Strategy


So…you’re gonna fight a strong Torvald? Are you a novice Behemoth? Well…you are gonna have a bad time. Understand that unlike in most fights… you will be forced to eliminate this threat as early as possible. Which can be complicated. You must (1) Control the dome’s location, (2) Eliminiate the medic (3) Draw Torvald into a cave or low ceiling structure. And here is why:

(Again, this is against a skilled Torvald)

(1)Control the Dome. What this means, is despite your sneaky tactics, playing against skilled players means you must be prepared for a dome at stage 1. If you are about your Monster, you will be nearly full armor and almost ready to evolve. Against a skilled team, you need to be sure you are armored up… and scouting for a battlefield in your favor. Torvald must be fought in caves or buildings. It is not enough to simply “Get in his face” to take him down. Consider not evolving… keeping the armor… and ambushing the team in a cave or a structure. The goal here is to kill Torvald…so… get ready to attack the medic. (Whhaaaaaa?)

(2)Kill the medic. Remember… you aren’t just playing the hunters, your are playing the players. If the enemy Medic is doing his job… Torvald is going to smack you around again and again. You must down the medic in the first engagement if you want to win the round. Once the medic is down, you need to focus your tactics then on eliminating Torvald.

(3)Close Quarters: Against a pro team… it’s not likely you will be able to draw an entire squad into a cave. But if you can, finish that match right then. If not, use caves and structures in order to block mortar attacks, and soften up your enemies with your ranged abilities or use hit and run tactics. When the medic has been softened. Rush out of your cover, and single out the medic. If you are chasing a cloak-enabled enemy, set them on fire if possible so you can track them after the cloak recharges. Once the medic is down, kill as many hunters as you can before your health gets too low. Don’t over-commit. Drop the medic, then after the dome goes down, roll off to evolve if necessary. If the hunters chase you…then they will be spread-out, with no healer… so make them pay.

Repeat this tactic two more times… and at stage three, the Torvald and the medic should have already died twice, and perhaps you even downed some others along the way. The end game is simple, draw them out by hitting the relay, and do what monsters do.
Just understand the against a pro-team, you will lose as often as you win. So don’t give up.

***Always remember… those lil’ pieces of food are controlled by human players… so break their spirits. Make that medic fear the sound of your footsteps… and let Torvald’s controller know that you are watching him. Check the assault, give him caution. The aggressive player has the advantage. Just… make sure it is …Tactical Aggression. Even pro Torvalds have trouble aiming mortars when they are being focus attacked with no medic present. Panic sets in, and they stop worrying about the damage, and about surviving. Hopefully.

And as far as builds… choose the skills you know how to use. Make sure you have either fissure or magma at stage 1 though against a good team you will need that damage at stage 1. Movement speed is the only perk i use, but i like armor regen and damage output as well.


kill the medic stage 1. goodluck with that said hank.

id say if anything keep the medic busy. with lava bomb. try to knock her off of her perch or burn if she chooses to sit in it. then beat torvalds ass.

roll-heavy. now listen. he 100% WILL fire straight in the air. dont move. they will land on himself and do zero damage. 6 more seconds of asswooping time and uv lost zero armor (shotgun by itself is pff). smack him again. now HERE he should be either screaming for heals or popping his shield.

if caira tanks it and heals him then u need to lava bomb her again. then you go back to torvald til step 4.

torvald pops his shield and attempts another volley. now a good player may anticipate you running or heading to someone else. so listen and try to dodge accordingly. but during this time break LOS and count to 15. thats when the sheild will end soon.

after that go back in and do it again. if there is a hank, it takes…2-3 melees to break his shield. behemoth hits like a cannon. boss through it. but torvald needs to die first. i have no idea how you can target the medic and kill her in a good team. but the best way to mitigate stage 1 damage to torvald is what i explained above.


Eh, in a perfect world, you kill the medic. But you are absolutely right, at stage 1 vrs a good team, the medic may not go down. However, you do need to check the medic, as you stated, either by locking her out with wall, or bomb, depending on your build. (I use lava bomb like you)
Just understand that against a Lazarus… you need to to suck it up and eat the damage. I will sacrifice more than half my life to drop Laz in the first engagement.


you said good teams. i take that as an ESL competiting team lol. no teams use laz its mostly caira.

but yes. my attention is on torvald when he is in the game. simply dodging the mortors causes a win most of the time. only cabots amp can make his shotty scary.


But yeah, tactics will very on the skill level of the individual players and the characters they pick. Against Val and Caira I divide and conquer… but the Lazarus must be killed. I hate it with the hunters rise like an army of the undead.


Well, ESL Tactics are on another level. Winning there as a monster is… a different ball-game in general. If you are competing on that level, you know that the best tactic is the one they aren’t expecting. But on an ESL team, it seems somewhat leaning towards hunters, and the Behemoth still seems to struggle at that level.


I don’t play in tournaments myself, but i do watch the streams. I think this games competitive level is still evolving too, you will see me in there eventually :smiley:


My tactics are:

  1. Kill Tarvold and everyone else very quickly


“Take a break” and watch the cpu monster lose as i eat this bowl full of ice-cream


Funny thing about Laz, he rezzes faster than you can melee him. If I’m domed as a brohemoth, I just make sure that every damn step they take is in some sort of lava pool.


This… It infuriates me when a Laz runs up cloaked while I am sitting on the body and uses the time between a melee to Res someone… Yeah, I try beating him to a pulp when that happens, but it is really annoying after losing some health for him to just be able and go in while I am body camping. Laz won’t try that with any other monster because there is a good chance he will get wrecked that way, but since behemoth is so slow… It’s a different story.


Magma bomb point blank on a corpse being camped can highlight and repel cloaked revivers. Use a downed hunter and reel the medic in. Read the names assigned to the medic in the lobby as well… know who your enemy medic will be.


Lava bomb is too unreliable in my opinion. A sunny will boost laz out your range after he is hit, and during the cool down of lava bomb, laz will res. There are counters to it that for sure. It’s just annoying that it’s possible to res while I am meleeing the downed hunter to eat him.


Yeah, learning to deal with medics takes time. Masrering how to pursue cloakers is a grind on its own.