Anti pounce hunter


Since people are so set on keeping pounce under any circumstances, i would like top propose a hunter that cannot be pounced or is able to escape a pounce, maybe as trapper so being alone isnt such a danger for them to hunt, to be clear i mean one hunter, not all, just one to have the advantage of having a chance if caught alone, to add a new mechanic to some teams “everyone sticks together but this trapper” of course he would still have to see the medic every now and then

Pouncing Problems

Idk, that would be a waste of an ability for a hunter I think. A lot of times I just keep shooting right at the monster if he attempts to pounce me, it usually breaks the animation. If you have to reload though…


As long as spammers are in the game it would be an invaluable skill, even in combat, but theyd have to have a whole skillset circled Around being alone, slim would probably be the best medic to pair with for those crossmap heals, And probably extra escapability, like pounce deny, cloak, weapon of watever choice, and probably stim pack for higher jump and faster running, or another weapon


I don’t know how prevalent spam pouncing is, but if you were to build a trapper, or any hunter, around that you risk making that hunter obsolete in a straight up confrontation or dome. I have seen players try to spam pounces inside domes but unless they are behind a huge outcropping it doesn’t work.

A lot of people complain Bucket is very situational as a Support and that keeps him from being picked a lot. I feel an “anti-pounce” hunter would fall into the same fate.


Hunters that are immune to pounce:
Bucket: Who should be deploying buddy turrets whenever he feels uncomfortable.
Torvald: Who can mortar himself before pouncing.
Caira: Can also shoot fire grenades straight up before being pounced.
Any support: Cannot pounce what you cannot see. (Must be used in advance)
Any damage during the pounce sequence: cancels the pounce (Excluding pistols)
Any hunter who pairs off… cannot be pounced for long… unless it’s a pug…

Literally, being pounced means “you goofed”. The extra forethought can go miles and turn a “oh crap” moment to throwing dome of your own.

Some action in advance can go a long way. Editted with some corrections. Thank you for the provided corrective information.


Kind of. couple flaws there

hyde: grenade doesnt stop pounce
caira: risidual fire doesn’t stop pounce. the initial shot does, but you can pounce between shots.
supports: can be pounced while cloaked, Ive seen it loads of times. aim in last direction they saw them running then boom grabbed


I don’t believe that is true. Pistols and DOT don’t cancel pounce last I checked.


Being pounced doesnt mean you were a bad player, it means someone was faster to hit crouch then attack before you were able to get away, and alot of that doesnt actually stop pouncing, i think bucket is the only one safe from it, IF he put turrets down before the monster got to him


I never said that being pounced meant you were a bad player. Merely that some characters have protective action that can be used proactively to save yourself. I’ve watched @Shin do some amazing pounce saves, it’s only because of him that I realized that protecting yourself was even a thing.


People have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others, i understand that tho, maybe 2 weapons instead, unless the pounce denial is something that could double as a utility, maybe a smoke cloud explosion that does a tiny amount od damage and covers you longe enough to get away, with like a 10 or 15 second cooldown


Thank you. I’ll make the grammatical and corrective changes. As for Caira, shooting up will still work then. Just like Torvald.


Yea but there is very little to protect yourself, and most arent effective at all, im more for the actual fighting if you come across the monster alone, because if your team doesnt make it in time the monster will win that fight pounce or no pounce, i would just much rather be able to at least fight, instead of losing the fight from one monster button press, an anti pounce hunter woulx be my favorite hands down, because poumcing is the only thing in this game i cannot stand


Sorry if i offend at all byvthe way, not trying to pick a fight, tryjng to work around the pros and cons of situations


With the size of the hitboxes, cloak is only useful if you are out of the way already.

I don’t think we need an anti-sneak attack hunter. I think Hunters need better ways of preventing it if they are aware its coming.

Like how Hyde can get pinned by a sneak attack while sitting in his own grenade cloud and hitting the monster in the face with the flamethrower. I’ve heard some people say this will break it but it must be a latency issue, same as Markov’s LG; I’ve been hit with it before while doing this.

I’d suggest making it be X amount of damage from any source will break it, this gives the pistols an actual reason for existing other than doing virtually meaningless damage. It would also solve the problem of sneak attack vs the last hunter up without changing how it works against a lone hunter who ran off and left their team (or got boosted too far ahead)

At the very least it needs a Cooldown more in tune with the other monster abilites and the hunter’s jetpack recharge. 100% CC should not be on a 2 second cooldown with a hitbox larger than most monster abilities.


I’m liking the idea… but what if it was a creature kill buff instead of an actual player specific skill? nice crowbill sloth kill for anti-pounce buff. Then everyone could spread out and find the monster for a brief amount of time. Just a thought.


I think it would pair nicely with the sneak pounce buff.
monsters get sneak pounce bonus
hunters get pounce resistance.

although they would need a different buff to fill megamouth spot


Not a bad idea, i hate being BOUND to my team but i hate being already dead when im away from them more


Maybe the buff could be Map based… all life on the map would be unable to capture the hunter during the buff. Maybe still take damage by trigger, but not be stuck and waiting on someone to rescue you.


getting pounced is fine.

If you get pounced then you were out of position.
correct your positioning for next time. You don’t need to change the mechanic.


maybestuff will still lock your position until shot out, but you still have control of weapon and you can shoot yourself out. I think that would be nice.