Anti-*one of the monsters* Hunter Group


So I was thinking that most monsters could be taken out very effectively with the right combination of hunters, so what do you think could be effective in taking out the Goliath, Kraken or the Wraith. This is what I think could be an effective team.

I don’t know about Kraken or Goliath, but heres a team I think would be effective against the Wraith.

:assault: Hydes ~ :hyde: ~ Flame Thrower for wide range and burn damage & Toxic grenades to flush her out of small areas/caves

:support: Hank ~ :hank: ~ Deployable shield will be very effective for helping your teammates survive the SuperNova, plus it would probably instantly die from its low health with a well-placed Orbital strike

:trapper: Abe/Maggie ~ :maggie: ~Use those gravity grenades to slow down its fast movements / use those harpoon traps to surprise it upon a teleport into battle

:medic: Val ~ :val2: ~ Use the healing gun to do constant-healing, plus it’s the most ranged healing gun, meaning Val can try and heal the hunters that were abduction (along as it isn’t that 100m abduction shown below)


IMO hank would be prone to missing the orbital strike or using it on a clone, (even with a perfectly placed orbital strike Wraith can just warp out instantly) Abe and Val have too much overlap since their slows don’t stack, and I would prefer Caira because she can heal herself, but maybe I am just underestimating the power of her tranq darts. I would probably still take Hank over Cabot and maybe even Bucket due to his shield gun. I don’t know if I have a preference for any of the 3 assaults against Wraith.


The great thing about what I’ve seen of Evolve so far is that all hunters can be viable and downright dangerous to any monster when played right :smile:
That said, I do think Parnell, Bucket, Abe, And Caria would be the strongest counter to Goliath, All the hunters that do ridiculous damage within their class all together at once can be a nasty thing, not to mention the slow with Abe so that Goliath is stuck near bucket’s turrents. But as a fan of the Goliath I will always say that the only hunter that really matters is Daisy cause I HATE DAISY! :daisy: D:<
(Edited thanks to @AscendedOne pointing out I goofed)


I’m pretty sure that Abe’s slow does stack with other hunters, might have been in the reveal video for him, I’ll get back to ya on that.


I kinda feel like that if Wraith is having a problem with the turrets that he would just warp away from them. I would expect them to die as collateral damage from super nova, dos wide cleaving attacks dawg. Combo slow with Abe and Caira? You mean Abe and Val? The slows don’t stack so my opinion is that they would overlap too often and you would end up preferring Maggie’s harpoon traps with Val. Do you have any argument for why Parnell would be better than Hyde and Markov? I don’t really see much of a grounds of a preference for any of the 3 vs Wraith.


First The team I proposed was to fight Goliath, not Wraith, and second… Yeah I goofed and mixed up Val’s ability into Caria x,x my bad. There was a per-hunter damage graph somewhere and Parnell was top of the charts, flamethrower is nice, but a super rapid-fire and rapid-reloading shottie or rocket launcher is great damage at both long and short range. And super-soldier lets Parnell also gives himself a speed buff to keep up with the monster.


My bad as well I suppose, forgot this thread was ambiguous as to which monster. Seems like you are talking exclusively about Parnell’s strengths, not Parnell’s strength against Wraith or Golaith. I saw the charts as well. I think vs Wraith, all 3 assaults can use their strengths. Hyde is likely able to get in close a good amount of the time, Markov can make good use of mines, despite Wraith being able to use most of his abilities to get rid of them, and Parnell sacrifices some health to be superior than the other two at damage, making him a bigger weak point than he would like to be.


Well, damage team. I’d probably go for Val rather than Caira tho, Assault Shotgun + Super Soldier + Val Headshot weakspot + Constant Healing = Perfect Not-So-Much-Glass Cannon.


I think Markov would be a better choice, because as the Wraith it’s really hard to avoid those mines. But hyde is really viable as well. I also think griffin would be a good choice, because with his harpoons he can completely stop the Monster, also during an abduction. And like this thread shows, you can use Every hunter more or less effectively against the Wraith.


I think Markov would be a good choice against wraith. She moves around too quickly for Hyde or Parnell to effectively shoot at her but Markov’s lightning gun will auto target her so all he has to do is keep her some what in his sights to hit her.

Keep in mind I’m assuming a domed wraith, not a situation in which the hunters are completely surprised like in an abduction situation out of no where.


Parnell had the highest damage in the charts because they have tested the t3 hunters together. So it shows more damage thanks to cabots amp gun.


CabotCarryFTW, also problably because they SPAMMED the t3 hunters out-right after the big alpha, since the rest got played troughtout the alpha.


Wasn’t sure about the harpoon system on the Wraith, whether it cancels abilities or if it could break free just by warping away. Now that I know this, Griffin would be good because he can shoot the target, where Decoy could just set off Maggie’s traps


Ah so there were played as set’s for that chart. Hmm, Hyde could probably take Parnell’s spot then in the “All the damage” team, And Lazarus could probably take Caria’s spot too, since hyda has the fire dot covered, and rapid weak spot painting would greatly benefit Abe, Bucket’s turrents, and Hyde’s chaingun. And since everyone is so focused on damage Laz can just res peoples back to full once they go down and then the lead-wind can continue to blow.


Hyxde i still the king of DPS out of all the hunters, but it is a lot less reliable since he has to be close-range. Parnell can do good damage at any range if you time Super Soldier well and can keep up with the maximum fire rate in terms of aiming.


people underestimate buckets turret range. i think they confuse it with maggies traps and markovs mines.

with that being said, here is my list

Parnell. supersoldier + personall shield.
cabot: after a wraith retreats for her cooldowns. cabot can dust an area and chip at that low hp. could win the game that way. then when the wraith goes in. even 1-2 shots of damage amp is worth it.
maggie: i like abe but maggie stops abductions. which to me is more important.
caira or laz: I personally would like a solid laz.

the point of this comp is to scare the wraith away before any major damage is done. aka by the time 1 goes down or parnells shield is gone. the armor is gone and shes losing health fast. then cabot works her down from afar.


Edit: Hah, thread back from the dead!

I don’t think it’s as simple as there being one team loadout that can definitively do the job, but from my perspective…

:monster: Wraith

:assault: Hyde, I don’t think it matters too much who the assault character is, but flames will help with decoy a lot
:trapper: Maggie, two reasons. 1) Daisy can get you back on track after a decoy escape 2) Harpoon traps to deal with ambushes
:support: Cabot, wraith is a weak creature and one that’ll spend a lot of time trying to hide. Rail cannon and damage amp OP against wraith.
:medic: Caira, against a wraith you want to be taking advantage of when it’s nearby, and that means staying a little more tightly grouped. Caira is better in this situation as far as the medic role goes. Speed boost helps to catch back up with a speedy wraith too.

:monster: Kraken

:assault: Parnell, Range matters, and when Kraken comes up close a little bit of super soldier can’t hurt your chances
:trapper: Griffin, Harpoon gun to bring Kraken down, one of the biggest uses for the weapon in the game is going to be controlling Kraken
:support: Bucket, Again, range is important, and those turrets placed up high can do a lot of hurt on the kraken
:medic: Val, Spreading out is important with Kraken, giving it multiple targets to focus on from range. The heal gun is the best situation for long range healing. Also tranq to help bring it to ground

:monster: Goliath

:assault: Markov, You’re going to get up close, it’s going to hurt, any assault is fine but I’d go with Markov thanks to the arc mines and the goliath’s tendency to run through them in the heat of battle
:trapper: Abe, Stasis grenades, when combined with Val’s tranqing, will just put so much hurt on the Goliath’s maneuverability which it really relies on in combat
:support: Hank, shield generator is vital, and once the goliath is slowed to sluggish, preferably with only one avenue of escape, the orbital barrage is the key to levelling the playing field against a goliath for me.
:medic: Val, tranqing a goliath is pretty important in battle, and as one of the tougher monsters the damage amplification from the AM rifle can be vital

Of course, you probably won’t know who you’re facing, so this could all be rather academic :wink: You’ll notice Laz is the only one I’ve not put in any team, and it’s not because I don’t think he can’t be devastatingly useful, I just don’t think that his inclusion 100% adds the factors needed to have strength over the monster. If the monster is a lot better than your hunter squad, in terms of taking out important members, the Laz may well be the better bet against any of them to keep your team viable at stage 3.

edit: Oh yeah, Behemoth…not that we know quite enough yet but…

:monster: Behemoth

:assault: Hyde, I think DPS is the key here
:trapper: Maggie, Harpoon traps, to me, feel like more of a pain in the arse to a Behemoth than anything else.
:support: Cabot, As Cabot should be able to spend a bit more time away from the monster thanks to it being slower, the damage amp can hopefully be deployed to maximum effect
:medic: Laz, finally a place for Laz! Large target peppered with weak spots (albeit not as weak as with Val) and a guy that can sort out any problems faced by a high damage output monster.


[quote=“niaccurshi, post:17, topic:24838”]
Maggie, two reasons. 1) Daisy can get you back on track after a decoy escape[/quote]

Abe seems to be far better at that than Maggie with his tracking darts.

It seems to me like stasis grenades bring Kraken to the ground far better than Griff with his harpoons.

Ehhhh… They don’t stack so IMO there is too much overlap and you’d probably prefer either Griff or Maggie.


Someone loves Abe!

No, Wraith is a more difficult kettle of fish when it comes to tracking darts. For a start do you even know if you’re darting the right wraith? Much better that when the wraith has invariably disappeared you have some friendly AI to point you in the right direction.

I don’t think stasis grenades are better, personally. You have a known quantity with the harpoon gun, and against Kraken the SMG is preferable to the shotgun.

And finally, I know they don’t stack, but working as a team you can tag team your actions. Stasis grenade while Val tags with the AM rifle, swap and val tranqs while abe gets some shots off, rinse and repeat. Plus Val’s tranq is time based so if the monster gets out from under the stasis grenade then it’s still slow and can be stasis’d easily once more.


The slow isn’t as good against Goliath as the other monsters because he has so many movement skills (which are barely affected by slows at that). Think you’re better off with Griffin to reactively harpoon any traversal attempts or Maggie to attempt to keep Goliath pinned with a triangle of traps (though Goliath will probably have no problem clearing them up).

I feel like Abe would be better suited to this boss, he’s slow and doesn’t traverse much so making him slower and having the extra damage that the shotgun brings on a wider target should be helpful. Besides which the behemoth’s gonna have a hard time escaping Abe once tagged and with Behemoth needing to eat the most to maintain it’s armour it’s more likely to eat a tagged wildlife.