Anti-fun, OP and Broken - Establishing the Difference


After much moaning and numerous topics, we can all accept the Wraith at least has an issue and is presenting some problems for a large portion of the playerbase. I’m not suggestion it’s OP. I’m not even suggesting it’s broken, but we can agree on one thing. it isn’t very fun to face. To me, that’s a far greater crime than being a bit overpowered and the reason I just flat out choose to dodge games vs it now.

OP: The suggestion that a game factor is in some way overtuned, and can be numerically “nerfed” to the point where it is balanced. This is the easiest to do as it’s purely a science behind it. Take’s too much damage at stage 3? Lower it’s health etc.

Broken: The idea that a game factor is in some way counter-productive or game breaking for the other players. This would include bugs, mechanics that render the player impossible (literally) to beat such as immortality or one-hit-kill enemy team potential that lacks counterplay.

Anti-fun: When a game factor renders player experience enjoyable, tedious or frustrating. This is where I believe the Wraith sits ATM. It doesn’t feel unbeatable, it doesn’t feel fundamentaly broken, it’s just not the game I hoped or want to play when I’m unable to interact with the enemy player for 15-20 mins until they are at their strongest and have every tool to do so without consequence unless they decide to do otherwise. if you give players this tool, they will abuse it. That much should be very clear by now.

ATM, the Wraith is a third of this game’s experience having only 3 monsters to choose from. That means one third of this game for me and many others is completely devoid of fun. I’m not asking for nerfs, I’m not interested in adapting to something I don’t feel compelled or desire to conquer, I just want to have it be challenging but enjoyable so.


I actually avoid picking Wraith because I kinda feel like people are going to quit before the match even starts. It’s unfortunate, because it’s my favourite monster, damn it.


I can see he would be fun to play as, and with some tweaks be bearable to face like good Goliath players can be (they are a nice challenge), but from the opposite perspective it’s a chore, and games to me aren’t about chores.


All of my games today have been versus Wraith on PS4, seriously. It’s shit. Back to Warframe until something is done, game is brand new and people are already flocking to one monster ffs.


Have to agree with you on some points, but I must have had the worst wraith player for my first match in Evolve since it came out. The guy was a lv 11 I was a lv 1 assault, trapper was great with the domes and medic was keeping track of everyone. The guy got to stage 3 but we got him down on low health fairly quickly with the previous arena fights, we got downed a couple of times also loosing our support for a bit but we won the match, i would have to say that was a really fun first match for me.


He was a low level player then, the Wraith can easily EASILY avoid early domes. Watch some videos or streams and you can see it can dash out of a dome before it lands using all its jumps. Not to diminish your fun, just saying he was clearly (based on level) not one of the more advanced players.


I always get excited playing against a wraith because most people arent very good with it. Its usually a 100% win if they decide to play it on Nest or Defend for the simple fact that on Nest you can kill all the eggs before Wraith is stage 3 (Which is where all the dread truely is) and he’s too squishy for Defend.

Kraken to me is always better for the simple fact that it has ranged DPS, strong DPS at that, and very high mobility.


Dont get me wrong this guy put up a fight didnt get to dome him properly till he was stage 2 with full armor, i was close to rage quiting but kept up the pain as the assault, everytime we tried to dome him he would either get out before it closes or do the run and decoy thing. Heck he even got the power relay down by half until we caught up to him after a tricky mislead on his behalf… We managed to get him before he could get back some armor thanks to our trapper


I wouldn’t say Wraith is “not fun” so much as she is the only thing in the game I would call genuinely overpowered right now. It’s easy to tell - the vast majority of monster players pick Wraith, and Wraith wins the majority of her matches. Her nature changes the pace of a hunt, but that would be liveable if she wasn’t so incredibly versatile. What pushes her over the edge from sneaky & hard to beat to definitely OP is Supernova - the only monster ability that can KO any Hunter, or Hunters, if they get grouped into a corner, from full health with one activation (short of a PERFECT fire breath), meaning she can take out the Medic or Trapper on command. There are a couple counters to it - Personal Shield for assault, a timely shield projector from Hank, denying ground with mines, turrets, grenades, orbital barrage, etc. but even Support’s cloaking field isn’t a surefire defense against the insane hack and slash. It pushes her over the edge from having to hit-and-run to survive, to being able to stand toe to toe with the Hunters for a sustained attack and come out on top. Since she can sneak around and get a free stage up, it means that at Stage 2 she should not be able to take out any Hunter at will without serious risk.

If I could tweak Wraith, I would make the AOE larger and slightly increase the damage of Warp Blast (so more people would use it), I would make Decoy instantly cause her to do a 180 so she can retreat in the other direction (since it’s so easy to tell its not the real Wraith and only lasts a few seconds), and I would shorten the length of Supernova so at best you can take out 1/2 or 2/3 of a Hunter’s health in one shot, instead of a free KO. It would reinforce that she has to hit-and-run. Abduction could probably use a bit less range, but I like the ability and you really have to earn a good one (which is a pain in the ass trying to get the mastery star for mid-air abductions).


I just realized something. Her kit being “fine as it is” would make more sense if had better CC options in the game. Right now we have no means in a dome fight of “catching her out”, no stuns etc to stop her mobility. If she was truly a hit and run monster, we’d only have a means to slow her when she doesn’t rely on outright movespeed but “blinks”, which is nonsensical when we can only slow them.


lmao nice. I let the bot take over.


The Wraith is both OP and Anti-fun. It is beatable, but the necessary effort to do so is much higher relative to its peers (Kraken and Goliath). That makes it OP by definition. And I think most also agree that it is not enjoyable to fight.