"Anti-fun" is the new


hipster buzz word for, “Nerf the Wraith so that I don’t lose.”


Ive been having a much harder time with kraken than wraith.


Ah, delicious wraith whine…

for real though, people are learning counterplay finally. There have been a satisfying series of “I figured out how to beat wraith” threads floating about in the avalanche of release threads. I’d be shocked if people don’t effectively adapt after a little more time to practice.


Just wait for Behemoth. It’ll go from “Nerf the (squishiest) monster in the game” to “Nerf the (Tankiest) monster in the game”


Someone was asking for the wraith’s decoy to strip its armor. And if it doesn’t have armor, it loses half a bar of health. Will behemoth have wraith hp and must sit in place?


pls nerf behemof he was sittin stil and i walkd into a tyrant op nerf pls


I…I’m stealing this. It’s fantastic.


Curious that it’s when people don’t win that they bring the concept of fun altogether.

Edit: just read a thread on how “unfun” is getting aggro as a medic. This is the state of the playerbase right now…Is “anti-fun” trending yet?


I main Kraken and I’m good at it, the only problem I have is I do not know how to deal with good lazarus’ or when the hunters are always on my back


LoL forums already went through this phase. You guys are just posers

Nerf 5th monster.


He is really hard to beat sometimes. Especially when he and support are using their cloaks smartly. Whenever Im monster I usually try to bait out laz’s cloak early in a fight then go at him when it runs out.


@AggroDragon I have your answer… Good Lazerus, Bad Lazerus… I’m the guy with the Tenticles.


Honestly…I find wraiths a lot easier to deal with now than I did in beta…and as for what I’m doing as a hunter…I don’t think anything has really changed.

And now that I can play as the Wraith now…I’d really love for them to take another look at Abduction’s hitboxes again. I’ve managed to grab a couple I felt were misses and I’ve failed a ton of hits. It’s like the Wraith charges vertically at them rather than the normal horizontal-esque movement that she does at any other time and thus collides with any object that they’re standing on and you grab people that you clearly went over.