Anti-cloak strategy help


Hey all! Just finished a very interesting round and wanted to get some other people’s opinion on this. We’re on the aviary map and I’m playing my usual wraith strat and I’ve gotten to t3 mostly unscathed when I see one of the hunters go down from the giant crocodile thing and, recognizing exellent opportunity, I pounce and kill off two more before the last one cloaks and runs off. Not bothering to chase him down, I head to the power core to do some damage and maybe go for a quick win, until the cloaked guy starts plinking at me from long range through the aviary wall.

I try to go after him, but by the time I get around the wall he’s already cloaked again and hid. The timer’s clicking down and I don’t have time to wait for him so I head back to the core and this cycle continues until his team respawns. I kill the rest of them again and go to the power core again and get interrupted again by the same guy. I wipe out the rest of his team three more times until the timer runs down and I lose.

I don’t mind losing to good hunters using great teamwork to bring me down, but that game was incredibly frustrating because of little more than a gimmick. Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I really can’t think of what I could have done differently, and so I am consulting the internetz! Any thoughts?


Cloaked hunters should leave either footprints for you to smell, or jettrails if theyre using the jetpack

In this case I’d probably rush the hunter, and when they’ve cloaked try and rush back to the generator as fast as I can. This would let you slowly destroy the generator, or make the support waste his cloak stopping you.
I don’t know if you could do this in under the 2:00 though


that’s what I tried to do but the timer ran down thanks to his plinking me long enough for his team to respawn :confused:


footprints glow red when you smell, combine that with the visible thrusters and good eyes and no cloaker can hide from you

also you can still hear sound cues from the hunters when theyre cloaked


Could you have taken him down first in the fights? Unless they’ve got Laz on their team this should take care of the cloak issue


It is odd to hear that you used a sneaky Monster and hid until you were at full power but you are upset that someone else used similarly sneaky tactics. Pot meet Kettle. Hey-ooooo


That’s why you break line of sight, jetpack, cloak and land while cloaked leaving no foot prints. Did this four times to Wraith earlier today. Man I love Cabot.


the monsters smell radar reaches pretty far it is really hard to loose track of a hunter if theres no water nearby and even then you can see the splashes


I didn’t say it was easy.


Sounds like Cabot alright. Cloaked hunters leave footprints that you can sniff out and you can see the blue flame when their jetpack is in use. Damaging cloaked targets briefly reveals them and you can hear their sound cues. The cloak has a 30 second cooldown that activates once it ends, which is a pretty hefty window. If you ever play Goliath, setting them on fire reveals them too.

Cabot is a decent target to go for because he provides a lot of burst damage if he’s allowed to channel his damage amp beam on you (and a high damage unit like assault hits you) so he’s a decent target to take out first. Remember that teams tend to scatter when their second or third member is on their death bed. If the support is still alive they WILL cloak and run.


yeah its possible but usually if you roughly know where the hunter was, follow the footprints if they stop hes either there or boosted away so with a little jumping around and sniffing you should be able to pick up the trail again —> think like daisy


You need to stand still when you land thus not revealing any tracks. If you cloak jetpack and land out of sight of the monster it’s hard to find you.


“I don’t mind losing to good hunters using great teamwork to bring me down, but that game was incredibly frustrating because of little more than a gimmick.” Irony. Sorry couldn’t resist.

Seriously though sniff is your best bet you have the fastest creature in the game which means he either stood still or jumped away. Try to make sure that if someone somehow gets away from you as wraith make sure it’s assault lol.


Wow, thanks for the advice everyone! Never again shall I be slain in such a manner!